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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Recent Webcast on The Isle of Light - Sheldan Nidle "Preparing For First Contact"

Sheldan Nidle
"Preparing For First Contact"

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Sheldan Nidle visits The Isle Of Light once again, delivering more important information for us about our near future. Sheldan is a representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light and founder of the global, Planetary Activation Organization established in 1997. He is known world-wide for his best-selling books, You Are Becoming A Galactic Human and Your First Contact. He is also the author of Selamat Ja! A Guide for Galactic Humans and speaks about his latest book coming out in April 2004 called, Your Galactic Neighbors. Chyrene Pendleton is the host of this very timely discussion called, "Preparing For First Contact".

During the show, Sheldan Nidle explains the role of Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs) during this very crucial time in history and how people around the world can join or create a group. He speaks about the first contact announcements and how we can tell for ourselves just how close first contact really is. We learn what is going on right now with the planets in our solar system as we go through this Shift.

We also learn about some of the extraterrestrials introduced in Sheldan's new book, Your Galactic Neighbors. We hear about some of his personal experiences contacting and communicating with various races for this book, in order to get the most accurate information and illustrations of them. Some are human and some are non-human. Some of these beings are of this third dimension. "As we are shifting, they are shifting as well.", Sheldan explains. Sheldan also tells us, "One of the things in terms of this preparation is to gather in the information and get over our inner fears of what's about to happen and be ready to be information centers for the change..."

Sheldan Nidle has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows over the years including The Art Bell Show, The Great Shift, Parascience and Beyond, Earth Changes TV, Nightside with Richard Syrett, and The Isle Of Light radio show and The Isle Of Light cable television show and has lectured in countries all over the world.Besides his books, Sheldan Nidle has many other consciousness tools available for purchase on his website, such as "The Galactic Calendar of the Year 13 Eb (July 26, 2004 - July 25, 2005)", video, DVD and audio tapes including an audio interview on CD by Heather Macauley, best-selling author of Children of Light. Sheldan also has a new 2-hr DVD and video tape called, "Humanity's Future: Galactic Contact and N.E.S.A.R.A." To place your orders or to send a donation to The Planetary Activation Organization, please visit the website at

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