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Monday, May 30, 2005

Enhance Your Abilities Right Now by Clicking Your Amygdalas Forward

About three years ago, I invited a very talented, highly intelligent and creative man by the name of Neil Slade to be a guest speaker for a group I facilitated and for another group. He brought a human brain with him, in a box.

You may have heard of Neil Slade, a musical composer, seasoned concert performer, artist and author of several books including The Frontal Lobes Supercharge , who appeared as a regular guest on the international Art Bell Show and Coast to Coast AM, as well as on other radio and television shows such as PBS over the years. I also set up an interview for him on a local ABC television news segment in Denver where he brought his "brain-in-a-box".

Neil explained and demonstrated exactly where the amygdala is located in our brains and how we can activate them immediately. There is one on each side of our heads, located near the temple. Click below to see a diagram of exactly where it is located.

"Clicking your amygdala forward is like wiggling your finger. Only it happens inside your brain instead of on the end of your arm. Do this: wiggle your right index finger.....easy, isn't it? Okay, wiggle your left big toe....easy too? Now, locate your amygdala (see chart above) click it forward using your frontal lobes- IMAGE that your amygdala is like a click toggle switch- Now click the switch forward towards your forehead. There! You did it...

Not sure you're doing it right? Read everything at the rest of this site for clues and you won't have any problem. You will learn how to click your amygdala forward and turn on genius levels of creativity, intelligence, pleasure, and even ESP in 1/10 the amount of time that students took to learn back in the early days of our brain research. After 40 total years of research and practical teaching to folks like you- we now know the shortcuts and what works best... "
[Neil Slade,]

What does this have to do with manifesting or creating prosperity and abundance? I've learned from Neil that "turning on" or clicking forward our amygdalas have numerous and amazing benefits for us. One of the benefits has to do with the Universal Law of Attraction which states that we get what we focus on. When we are focusing on our intentions and ideas, that is what we will attract to us. It happens that much faster when pleasurable feelings are activated. The amygdalas are directly associated with the creative and pleasurable areas of our brains. Activating our amygdalas by clicking them forward is simply another way to bring these wonderful thoughts and feelings to the forefront and it becomes easier to manifest and attract what we want in life.

Neil Slade also performs his famous "brain music" - a very special experience which will keep your amygdalas clicked forward. I have several of his CDs. Listen to samples of his music now at:

Check out his bio also at:

When I first heard Neil Slade on various talk radio shows back in the 1990's, I began to experiment right away with his amygdala technique in relation to manifesting and conscious creating with very positive results. There are some other benefits also - I suggest you try it and see how it works for you!


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