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Monday, November 14, 2005

20/20 Segment on Greed

20/20 aired a segment last Friday on the "good" side of greed. I wondered what take they would present since I believe greed to be a negative quality. I noticed they presented several different scenarios.

One scenario was on greed and competition and Walmart was the example. The emphasis in the story was that if a company and offer products to people at a significantly lower price and profit at the same time, then it is a good thing, even if it means small businesses around them go out of business. Dominating an industry was seen to be "good greed".

On the other hand, one young woman, who had a modest lifestyle, gave away her $3 million trust fund and felt very good about it. She said she didn't need that much money and said she would have given it away if it was $10 million.

A man named Zell Kravinsky earned a fortune in real estate and gave away $45 million, almost all of his fortune to charity. These people said it made them feel so good and because of their joyful energy while giving, they will receive what they gave many times over. That is how the Universe works.

Having a prosperity consciousness is all about being open to receive the prosperity the Universe has for us. Greed suggests one never has enough money and is a negative quality with a negative effect, a lack of peace, for one. Greed and lack go hand in hand. Competition is also unnecessary when one has a prosperity consciousness. There is no need for competition when one understands how prosperity and abundance is our natural birthright, that we all have unlimited access from the Universe. We are quickly moving into a new reality where greed and competition no longer exists, even in the USA.


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