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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Archangel Gabriel on Prosperity

Archangel Gabriel on Prosperity
through Carol Manetta

See within you a dwelling place not of fear but of virtue for all yourdays going forward at this time of change. Keeping in the realm ofknowledge for seeing your way through the dark times of fortune is tokeep yourself is times of plenty.

This keeping of the notion of time-bound prosperity will keep yourheart space from realizing its full potential. Brace yourselves forthe limitless creation behind the concept of money. You have witheach of you the ability to forsake the old notions of the ways of thethree dimensions. Your connectivity to heaven is limitless, and thisensures you of the ability to create wealth in limitless abundance.That is not to say that squandering is palatable. It is not!
Your virtueless spending patterns of old are coming to a halt now.Time-bounded monies create limited awareness of the good that can comefrom circulating money in perpetuity. As you pass love from oneperson to another in the form of goods or money to purchase them, yourability to reap fortune multiplies. This is the law of the Universe.What you give comes back to you multiple-fold, in many ways and indifferent times, not in the wheelbarrow of cash upon request!

Your obligatory requests for "cash now!" only create darkness whereyou have the opportunity for Light. This request of obligation fromthe Universe chases away the heart of prosperity. Much as you rollthe dice and say, "Come on, baby!" the outcome is one filled withtension and stomach tightening anticipation. This is not the way ofthe Law of Attraction. You cannot shout money to you with certaintythat it does not come with untoward gestures based on fear.

Cast aside any doubts about the generosity of the Universe. It lovesyou beyond measure and will stop at nothing to provide you whateveryou need for your good life on earth. Of this you can be certain.Take what is needed and no more for your good life. The realm ofprosperity knows no limits, yet your taking what is not needed isoutside your limitless nature of generosity. It knows no balance withgiving if you take unhealthy portions to yourself. Yet you rely onus, your guardians to give you your due, when you can seek thisbalance on your own as creator beings.

Listen to your heart when you are speaking about money. Do you tenseup? Do you dwell on how much you don't have? These chase the moneynot the blues, so to speak. Begin with the focus on the entireUniverse. Can there be any lack looking there? It is there you seekyour fortune? Is it closer to home? Trust that you can envision yourgood life in great detail. See there the details of what would makeyou happy without engendering strife in others. You can live inharmony with the planet E arth and still have a beautiful life ofvirtuous spending and saving for the future. All creatures on earthsave in some manner, such as hibernation and keeping offspring to aminimum, that which can be supported in the life cycle.

Picture this good life of your dreams already happening. This willmagnetize your dreams to you quicker than if you dwell on your dearthof wealth. In fact, if you hold the dream, you will see yourprosperity more quickly than you even imagine. Keep the course ofyour dreams clean of distractions of this three dimensional realm.Keep on target for your soul's growth and harmony with other creaturesof your home, Earth. This is in the Light. Amen and so it be. I AMArchangel Gabriel.

Carol Manetta, M.Ed.
Angel Therapy Practitioner ®


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