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Monday, January 01, 2007

Michael Neil's "The Thousand Actions" Idea for 2007

Michael Neil has great ideas! He is the author of "You Can Have What You Want" and radio talk show host on and elsewhere.

Recently, he suggested what he calls, "The Thousand Actions". He said to pick a goal, a BIG goal that excites you when you think about it. Give yourself a year to accomplish this goal. Starting today, January 1, 2007 (or any day), create a list to write down 1,000 actions you will take towards achieving your goal in a year. This is not a "to do" list, this is writing down what you have already taken action on. The key word is action.

If your goal is to own a new home in a year, for example, one action you might take is to cut out pictures of the kind of home you are looking for and attach them in a scrapbook. Or drive out and look at homes for sale. It doesn't matter what your financial status is or the cost of homes in the area you are seeking. Besides thinking or dreaming about owning a new home, the key is to take some kind of action towards your desire. Michael Neil suggests writing this action down once you've taken it as one of 1,000 actions to take this year towards your ideal goal.

I can see how writing each action down towards achieving your goal keeps the excitement level up and gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Try it and see what happens! You may achieve your goal in much less time and with less than 1, 000 actions! If you choose to, please share your results here.


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