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Friday, March 21, 2008

Releasing the Old and Inviting the New During the Full Moon

Now that it's officially Spring and the Full Moon, what a perfect day to get rid of the old and let in the new!

One fun way I get rid of the old is to make a special event out of this day. I do this alone or I'll invite a group of people, having everyone sit in a circle. Both ways are highly effective and powerful.

First, create a relaxing atmosphere by lighting candles and incense if you have any. If you have sage, light some in a container, blow it out and smudge yourself with the smoke.

If you are not familiar with smudging and have some loose, dried sage or a smudge stick made out of sage, light it, then immediately blow it out to put out the fire. Fan the smoke around your body, with your hand or a feather fan
starting at the top of your head down to your feet. Make sure you get the bottoms of your feet. We pick up negativity through the soles of our feet as we go about our day. Along with the candles and/or incense, sage powerfully clears the room and your aura energetically.

Get a metal container (like a metal bowl or a pot) and matches or a lighter.

Sit in a comfortable position and relax by focus quietly on your breath. Close your eyes and follow your breath as it moves in and out of your body. When thoughts pop up (as they will), acknowledge it and go back to focusing on your breath. Do this for five minutes or so before starting.

On a sheet of paper, write a list of things or situations in your life you would like to be rid of. Write down everything you no longer want in your life.

When you feel satisfied you have written everything you do not want, tear up this list and place the pieces in your metal container.

Go outside (or use your fireplace) under the Full Moon, light the paper in the container and let it burn. As the paper burns, say to yourself or out loud:

"I release and let go of all of these things that do not serve me. I release all worries. I release all pain. I release all fear. I release all sadness. I release all guilt, I release all resentments. I am free."

While the paper burns, feel yourself getting lighter as the burdens lift off your shoulders. Feel yourself becoming more joyful.

After it has burned, return inside to your comfortable position, focus quietly again on your breath as you did before, and write on a fresh piece of paper a list of everything you do want in your life, whether short term or long term.

Write down all of your intentions. Make sure you date the paper with March 21, 2008, for example. This can be done on March 22 or March 23 if you miss today's Full Moon, since the energies will still be strong the next two days. Keep this list private and review it before going to sleep and upon awakening.

For more details on how to create your new List, read my article called, "Connect With the Moon Phases to Manifest Your Desires".

Have a wonderful, blessed Full Moon day!


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