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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Recent Webcast on The Isle of Light - John Joseph Kennedy "The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose in Life"

John Joseph Kennedy
"The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose in Life"
Click MP3 link to listen NOW:

The Isle Of Light presents John Joseph Kennedy, President and CEO of JJK Enterprises - John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc., International Award-Winning Speaker and Author of Creativity and Entrepreneurship© and The 72-Hour Entrepreneur™, who speaks about an exciting opportunity he is offering everyone who wants to live their passion. This is his second appearance on the show. Chyrene Pendleton is the host of this enlightening and very inspirational discussion called, "The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose in Life".

During the show we learn what John Joseph Kennedy has been doing since he ran for President of the United States in 2004 as well as some of his many creative accomplishments. We also learn about his exciting and successful seminar called, "Creativity & Entrepreneurship: The Evolution of an Intellectual Property©. Mr. Kennedy defines this as "any creative idea that comes from your intellect -- it's a work in progress for the rest of your life."

As listeners of this interview many of us will remember that we too were little entrepreneurs as children and how much fun it was to sell lemonade, for example, and how naturally successful we were. John Joseph Kennedy reveals how he takes his students through a profound meditation and guided visualization to learn their purpose in life and connect with their true creative spirit.

"This dimension that we are living in right now is really the illusion. My purpose in life is to take people beyond the illusion to what is real. What is real is love and light and light is the first element of creation -- that is what I teach in my class... "

This show reveals much valuable information and will trigger new ideas and images of ourselves as creative entrepreneurs or will trigger creative ways we can enhance our existing businesses or careers. Mr. Kennedy encourages all of us to take his free introductory course to see if it resonates with us, which he offers every month. His free, introductory class this month is on April 11, 2005 at 8:00 PM EST. The dates for the rest of the classes this month are April 18, 21, 25 and 28 at at 8:00 PM EST. These classes are open to all people of all ages and backgrounds and will show us how to unlock our creative potential.

Those interested can send an email to:
or visit and register on the 2005 Seminars page. The full 5-day seminar regularly costs $799 and is being offered at half-price for $399. John Joseph Kennedy also offers a special package which includes a 50-page E-book and a set of 5 CDs, a limited edition 2005 series and autographed (a collector's item) for $199. For additional information, visit John Joseph Kennedy's website at:

"Humanity now more than ever is looking for their purpose, their individual purpose...especially amongst all of this madness that's going on."

John Joseph Kennedy has been a featured in over 5,000 worldwide newspapers, magazines and Internet news articles and has been a featured guest or story on numerous radio, television, Internet and teleconference shows including NBC Evening News, CBS News, Fox News, Time-Warner Cable, Public Broadcast Television, The Ray Ybarra Show, KUSI TV Morning Show, Imperial Feng Shui Worldwide Teleconference with Master Kwai Lan, Late Night with D'Anne Talk Radio Show, The Great Shift with Fred Sterling Talk Radio Webcast, Brad Snell's ''Cosmic Horizons" Talk Radio Show & NATRADIO in Canada, NPR-National Public Radio, Mysteries of the Mind, Earth Changes TV and The Isle Of Light Talk Radio Show, to name a few.

Mr. Kennedy is also a motivational speaker of 20 years and lectures around the country and worldwide. He is a Justice of the Peace International, Executive Producer of television and film, humanitarian and environmentalist, former journalist and fashion model. He was named Who's Who of International Professionals 2003-2004 (top 10% in the world). In November, 2004, John Joseph Kennedy was asked to officially run in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

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