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Monday, January 16, 2006

Listen Now To Sheldan Nidle on "First Contact: The Latest Procedures Revealed"

Sheldan Nidle
"First Contact: The Latest Procedures Revealed"
Click Here to Listen Now

I recently interviewed Sheldan Nidle who is a scientist, representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light and founder of the global, Planetary Activation Organization established in 1997. He is renown for his best-selling books, You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, Your First Contact, Selamat Ja! A Guide for Galactic Humans and his new book, Your Galactic Neighbors.

During the show, Sheldan Nidle speaks of changes with the First Contact scenario, especially a recent, dramatic shift regarding our transformation as well as increasing changes with our planet Earth. All plans must now be accelerated.

"My general belief is that this year is the year when a lot of this energy that has been building up for the last six to eight months is going to finally start cracking through and causing massive changes because the Federation would really love, if everything worked to the maximum, to have contact by the spring or summer of this year, but they can't do that until certain basic things happen..."

Visit Sheldan Nidle's website of The Planetary Activation Organization where you can read his free, weekly updates at:

This interview with Sheldan Nidle airs on Live365 on the following dates and times:

Tuesday, January 17th at 6 AM, 2 PM and 10 PM EST, Friday, January 20th at 5 AM, 1 PM and 9 PM EST, repeating every three days on a rotating time schedule. Schedule information can be found in the Radio/Television section of The Isle Of Light
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