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Monday, July 24, 2006

Prosperity Experiment by Author, Life Coach & Radio Show Host, Michael Neil

Today is another New Moon day! Now is the time to create your list of intentions. It's also a great time to start something fun.

The following is an interesting experiment by Michael Neil, author, life coach, NLP trainer, and radio show host. You can tune in to his show aired live on Thursdays at 3 PM EST called, You Can Have What You Want. Just go to . Archived shows are also available there.

Miichael Nei's website can be found at:

Tip of the Week

If I offered you $1000 with the proviso that you had to use it for something that would bring you great pleasure, what would you do with it?

Would you invest in the stock market, fly somewhere exotic, or go mad in your favourite shops? Would it go towards tuition to a personal or professional development training you always wanted to attend? Or would it pay the yearly rental on the new ISDN super-fast phone line and modem that would let you surf the DCT archives in a fraction of the time?

Make sure you come up with some answers, because I'm about to give you that money....

Today's Experiment:

1. Go out to a shop and buy a container for your $1000 that costs as close to $2.74 as possible. (A cheap box or an expensive envelope!)

2. Starting tomorrow, place $2.74 per day that you would have otherwise used for a "little pleasure" (magazine, cappucino, etc.) into the container.

3. Mark your diary for a "treat" day exactly one year from today, when your container will contain $1000!

Remember, this works equally well with British Pounds or Japanese Yen (though not so well with Italian Lire!)

Until tomorrow, The Coach
PS - Of course, if you decide to put aside $5.48 a day you can have your treat in only 6 months. Anyone for $10.96? :-)

Michael Neil


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