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Monday, September 11, 2006

Listen to the September 8th Webcast Now of Dr. Simeon Hein on "The Art of Resonant Viewing & Connecting to the Energy of the Planet"


Dr. Simeon Hein
"The Art of Resonant Viewing &
Connecting to the Energy of the Planet"

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The Isle of Light presents Dr. Simeon Hein, founder of the non-profit organization, Institute for Resonance located in Boulder, Colorado and author of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles and Resonance and his latest book, Planetary Intelligence: 101 Easy Steps to Energy, Well-Being and Natural Insight. Chyrene Pendleton is the host of this fascinating and important discussion called, "The Art of Resonant Viewing and Connecting to the Energy of the Planet."

Dr. Simeon Hein shares his experiences teaching remote viewing and how this system works. We discover that anyone can learn how to do this and benefit in many ways, including getting to know ourselves better, and learning how to pay attention and how to feel.

About the difference between remote viewing and resonant viewing, Dr. Hein explains:

"...It's not that things are really remote, that they're really far apart. They're far apart in terms of distance and time but they're not necessarily far apart in frequency. And just like a radio station, the station is remote but the signal is right next to your antenna. Really what you're doing is tuning your radio to receive a signal that's actually right in the room with you. In that sense, it's not really remotely receiving something, it's resonantly receiving something--the resonance is being tuned. So in that sense, everything that's happening is actually next to us all the time, it's not really happening far away, it's not really out there, the signal is here."

During the show, Dr. Hein also speaks about his new book, Planetary Intelligence and how intelligence isn't just in the brain, as we've been taught, which is only one type of intelligence. He says "it's a deeper type of intelligence that goes beyond just definition into the energy reality of who we are."

"We have a certain definition of who we are as people that we believe in a lot. We invest a lot of energy into this everyday, our identity, our social identity. But we also have a planetary identity that is a function of all the energy relationships in our lives and a relationship with all the animals, plants and air and everything around us. We don't pay much attention to that. We don't even think about it. When we think about who we are, we really don't think about the relationships that sustain us every second. So in that sense, we're really not who we think we are..."

Planetary Intelligence contains many resonant activities we can focus on to assist us in changing our awareness and our lives, accompanied by beautiful images. Dr. Hein reveals some fascinating information about these images and important ways this book can benefit all of us now.

Dr. Simeon Hein's upcoming resonant viewing class is Friday, September 29th - October 1st in Boulder, CO (see his message below). Additional information can be found about all of his classes and workshops, crop circle tours, books, Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles and Resonance and Planetary Intelligence: 101 Easy Steps to Energy, Well-Being and Natural Insight (also available at by visiting:
From Dr. Simeon Hein:
Our next beginning Resonant Viewing class will beheld on Sept. 29th-Oct. 1st. In this fun and challenging class you will learn how to sense the colors, shapes, and patterns of distant objects, people, and locations. The course will definitely improve your intuition and subtle-energy perception. The cost is $495 (tax-deductible) andclass size is held to 10 people. We look forward to helping you learn how to view. Resonant Viewing is one of the
best things you can do to enhance your awareness and understanding of all types of subtle information and energy. First-class accommodations are nearby. You can learn more and sign up at
. Also, if you missed my interview with Art Bell last weekend, visit .

Dr. Simeon Hein
Planetary Intelligence Project
1942 Broadway, Suite 314
Boulder, CO 80302303.440.7393

Simeon Hein received his Ph. D. in sociology from Washington State University in 1993 and is the author of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance. His dissertation focused on the role of technology in social and economic change, specifically how technology can destroy information and interfere with natural evolutionary processes. A former sociology teacher, he now runs the non-profit Institute for Resonance in Boulder, CO: an organization he founded in 1997 that specializes in instructing people in the art of Resonant Viewing, the scientific study of crop circles, and other subtle-energy phenomena.

Dr. Simeon Hein first learned remote viewing at the Farsight Institute in Atlanta in 1996 and has also studied with government-trained viewers. His website,, is devoted to the study of subtle-energy sciences. Since the publication of Opening Minds, Dr. Hein has participated in more than 225 radio and television interviews. His new book is Planetary Intelligence: 101 Easy Steps to Energy, Well-Being, and Natural Insight.

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