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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Law of Attraction Secret - Stop Trying So Hard! By Forbes Robbins Blair

Law of Attraction Secret - Stop Trying So Hard!
By Forbes Robbins Blair

Many people try very hard to put the Law of Attraction to use to manifest their goals. But here's one secret: if you try too hard, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Joanna had attended one of my Law of Attraction classes. She shared with me how desperately she tried, day after day, to put the attraction methods to work. Still, she had not manifested the job opportunity she desired.

Her problem is a common one for many people. The solution is surprisingly simple.

The Subconscious Mind Has the Power

The subconscious mind is the "magic genie of the lamp" power behind the Law of Attraction. When you consciously give it clear instructions and images about what it is you want and the satisfaction you will feel when the desire comes to pass, the genie uses its vast resources to make it a reality for you.

So here's the most important rule: "To manifest change with your subconscious mind, you need to reduce your conscious effort."

For example, let's say you have trouble sleeping, the harder you try to go to sleep the more wide awake you will stay. That's because when you "try hard" to do something, your subconscious mind believes that the task is too difficult.

So, as you put the Law of Attraction to work, it's an important secret to convey no conscious strain to your subconscious mind. Keep your efforts focused, clear and fun, but... give your subconscious no indications that you are in desperate need or that the goal might be hard to accomplish.

When I suggested that Joanna just relax and have a good time while applying this secret, several new job opportunities materialized for her within days. She told me: "It was like magic!"

Here are a few simple "secret" rules when you use the principle of Attraction:

* Concentrate on what you want with joy and pleasure
* Recognize that your subconscious mind is able to attract it
* Expect that what you want can and will happen
* Have fun with your Law of Attraction techniques

After all, you don't have to beg a genie to give you what you want. You just tell it what you want and let it do its job. So, approach your subconscious self with a sense of relaxed expectancy. And let it attract exactly what you want to your life.

At last people who've tried to improve their results with the Law of Attraction have another important piece of the puzzle. Forbes Robbins Blair uses his knowledge of self-hypnosis auto-suggestion techniques and his longtime interest in Law of Attraction symbolism to create a new e-book and audio program he calls The Genie Within. You can get more valuable information (testimonials, table of contents, and more) about this life changing ebook-audio program at his webpage.

Forbes Robbins Blair is the author of two self-hypnosis books: the popular Instant Self-Hypnosis and the new book The Self-Hypnosis Revolution. His website helps people understand benefits of hypnosis. He produces his own series of hypnosis audios. And Mr. Blair offers professional hypnosis-by-phone and in-office client hypnotherapy services.


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