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Monday, April 18, 2005

Manifesting Money, Prosperity and Abundance

Manifesting Money, Prosperity and Abundance
is the Main Topic for this Blog

This is my favorite topic and I have much life experience and expertise to offer in the area of manifesting - conscious manifesting, that is. I write articles on this topic, teach prosperity workshops and lecture about manifesting prosperity. In every issue of my online newsletter, The Isle of Light, you'll find submissions and/or spiritual readings on prosperity and how to manifest it. As long as I'm alive, I know I'll always learning new things about the manifestation process and that makes it even more fun!

Most of my entries in this blog will be related to this topic. I will also continue to add information on the latest radio interviews I've done as well as new events at The Isle of Light found at

I love to see people successfully attract money and prosperity. It makes me happy and I applaud when I see someone on TV winning a lottery, for example. If you pay close attention to what they are saying, you'll find out how they attracted their winnings. It's all very interesting.

Speaking of attracting, my recent radio interview with an expert on The Law of Attraction, Michael Losier (see my post below on the description of this Webcast) had me thinking about the conscious ways I've successfully used this universal law most of my life. He is the author of the national Canadian best-selling book, LAW OF ATTRACTION: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What you Don't. Check out his website at:

Here is the MP3 link of the show:

And here is a quote from Michael during the show:

"If you're curious about what vibes you are sending off about money, open your wallet. If you're curious about the vibration that you're sending about relationships, how are they working for you? In other words, whatever you're receiving is a direct reflection of the vibration that you're sending. And most times, we're not even sending it off on purpose!"

I truly believe this. All we have to do is look around at our individual lives and there it is - a perfect mirror or reflection of our thoughts and feelings, how we are vibrating. If our lives reflect something other than our desires, all we have to do is change our vibrations. We change our vibrations by changing our thoughts. Change our words too because they carry vibrations whether we write or speak them out loud.

Since childhood, I've taught myself to think, write and use mostly words that carry a positive vibration. I feel I have a very good understanding of how this works and how it effects my life. There is a little spiritual word exercise that the author, Sanaya Roman of gave me permission to share in my prosperity classes and reprint in my newsletter. I'll share it with you in this blog when I find it. The purpose of the exercise is to consciously raise our vibration or frequency by using certain words. It works too.

Notice the words "don't", "no" and "not" are missing from this entry, without my thinking about it! This is something new I am learning from Michael Losier, to eliminate these negative words from my vocabulary completely because they are only designed to bring negative results. He says to ask our subconscious minds to remind us when we use these words to we can immediately turn our thoughts around in a more positive way.

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