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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Law of Attraction: Step #1: Identify What You Don't Want

Through her assistant, Esateys (a wonderful author), I met a very interesting woman last year by the name of Lynn Grabhorn, best known for her New York Times bestselling book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. If you haven't read this book and are serious about learning how to create what you want in life, I strongly recommend it.

I invited Lynn to be a guest on my Internet radio show, The Isle Of Light to discuss this book as well as her recent book released last year called Planet Two, but she politely declined. Within a few days, she passed away. She left behind a letter to all which can be found on her website at:

Before she passed over, I was able to get permission to reprint some of her words of wisdom and she had so much to share with us. Here is one excerpt by Lynn Grabhorn:

The Law of Attraction
Step #1: Identify What You Don't Want
But what does "feeling bad" really mean? It can mean anything from no feeling at all to despondence and everything in between. And with every Don't Want you focus on, you are flowing more closed valve, negative energy out to attract more of the same. Felling bad is what we do all day long and think it's normal. Feeling bad is what humanity does. Feeling bad is living with constant focus on Don't Wants.

ANY negative focus is a Don't Want

Until we can feel the difference between a Want and a Don't Want,
we're flying blind, creating by chance rather than choice.
Or put another way, flow bummer feelings, get bummer results.

How does something make you feel when you talk about it? Warm fuzzies? Happy? Tickled? Upbeat? If not, your valve is closed an dyou're magnetizing everything into your life except the things you want. The universe only responds to what we're flowing out, not what we're wishing for. And the only way we can know for sure how we're flowing is by how we're feeling while we're thinking about something. Feel good? It's on its way! Feel bad? It's on its way. No feeling at all? Then no movement at all.

What we're thinking/feeeeling, and what we're getting is always a match. Always. It's the first law of physics: like attracts like. Flow it out, get it back! [excerpt from the "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" Playbook by Lynn Grabhorn]


Blogger 2007 Blue Book of Electric Guitars said...

Yes, that is the law of sowing and reaping, the "Strangest Secret" of Earl Nightingale. Plant a seeds of corn and get corn; plant seeds of nightshade and get deadly poison. As Jesus said, Sow and ye shall reap. So focusing on our problems just creates more problems, which is a law of the universe.

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