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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Working Hard to Make Ends Meet

Many believe we must work hard in order to make ends meet, in order to make money. Many believe struggle is part of making money. I've learned that struggle and hard work only creates more struggle and hard work. Trying to force or will money to come to us only creates resistance and blocks. I believe it is the opposite that works, it is the "letting go" that allows the energy of money to flow to us.

For instance, I have a relative who happens to be Japanese and was raised with a very strong work ethic as people are in Japan. I saw this first hand while living in that country and they are very proud of it, emphasizing their expertise and quality in everything they do (something the U.S. can learn from).

When she came to the U.S. and began to work, I noticed she worked very hard and eventually worked two full-time jobs, with hardly any time left for herself or anything. I asked her why she was working these jobs and she said she believed she must in order to pay the bills. She couldn't see any way out. I shared my beliefs with her about hard work and struggle and how life can be different when we put the intention out there stating what we really want. I asked her what she loved to do and was surprised at the answer since it was quite different from anything she has ever done or earned college degrees for.

Anyway, one day her doctor told her she must let go of one of her jobs since it was affecting her health in a detrimental way. She quit her most stressful job and shortly after, she was offered a promotion at the job she kept. She received yet another promotion after only a few months and earned an excellent income, allowing her the freedom to do just about anything she wanted, including traveling regularly to Japan for vacation. I noticed she was much happier and her health improved tremendously.

I'm sharing this because for some of us, it takes something major, like a health crisis in order to change what we are doing. Many find it very difficult to take that leap of faith so they continue their pattern of behavior until something happens, forcing a change. A crisis can force people to finally let go and in the process of letting go it allows abundance and prosperity to come in, sometimes rather quickly.


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