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Monday, September 26, 2005

Keep Your Plans to Yourself

In my prosperity workshops, I emphasize the importance of keeping one's intentions and goals to oneself. Why is this important?

It disperses the energy necessary to manifest that intention or desire. Some people just love to talk with others about what they are going to do or about their personal plans. Sometimes they enjoy hearing themselves talk about these wonderful goals - it makes them feel important and it sounds good.

Also, there are people out there who may not support our goals for whatever reason. Maybe they don't believe we can possibly accomplish what we are sharing and make a point to tell us so. They could have their own selfish reasons for not wanting to see us succeed or may be jealous.

We need to focus that energy and direct it on what we want to accomplish, just like a laser beam. Then we can watch our goals manifest very quickly. Otherwise, it still may eventually manifest but usually, one becomes all "talked out", so to speak and loses focus. I've seen this happen with people more often than not.

Catherine Ponder, author of several, wonderful prosperity books wrote in her book, The Dynamics of Prosperity,

What is secret is sacred".

She also wrote,

"Open your mind to receive by telling God what you want, instead of telling people. Telling people what you want can dissipate your good. People are channels, but God is the source."


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