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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Listen Now to Anisa Aven, Creative Life Coach, Speak on "Manifesting Prosperity Using the Law of Attraction & EFT"


Anisa Aven
"Manifesting Prosperity Using
the Law of Attraction and EFT"

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The Isle of Light presents Anisa Aven, founder of Creatavision Enterprises, Creative Life Coach specializing in the Law of Attraction and how singles can attract the mate of their dreams and author of multiple courses and audio series on how to apply the laws of creation to attract success, wealth, and happiness. Chyrene Pendleton is the host of this very informative discussion called, "Manifesting Prosperity Using the Law of Attraction and EFT".

Anisa shares her expertise on using the Law of Attraction to consciously create exactly what we want and in this show the focus is on manifesting prosperity. She explains what the Law of Attraction is and how it affects all of us.

"Our thoughts are powerful. We have the ability to draw unto us whatever we put our attention upon. So, the Law of Attraction is simply: Put your intention, if you want to use it intentionally, put your attention upon what you want to bring into your life, not on what you don't want. Because the Law of Attraction is impartial, it will bring into your life whatever you're focusing on, be it positive or be it negative."

During the show, Anisa Aven shares the analogy of the Rain Dance and the powerful way natives have used this to create rain. She says we can use this technique also in our manifestations.

"If a person can get themselves into that kind of passionate gratitude about what they want as if what they want is already within, it's already here, as if they are tasting that water before it ever rains--that's the fastest way to use the Law of Attraction because the Law of Attraction says whatever you think and believe, you will receive. So if I really accept that it's already raining, the Universe has to respond because it's a vibrational frequency of likeness that it can't refuse."

Anisa gives us many excellent and fun tips and techniques we can use right now to intentionally use the Law of Attraction, and shares ways her clients have used these methods, including her own personal successes. She also explains how she uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with her clients, to assist in quickly removing blocks people may have and how life-changing this process is for healing and using with the Law of Attraction.

"With Emotional Freedom Technique, I'm finding that individuals who are ready for change, when they use this technique, it's like they can take a negative event from their past that caused them to believe 'somehow I'm not worthy', 'somehow I'm not good enough', we all have that, and eliminate it in a matter of's that fast!"

When you visit Anisa's website, you'll discover an abundance of articles on conscious creation as well as her free e-zine. She has a free Teleseminar called "Manifesting the Sweet Life" where one can get assistance in manifesting anything. The next class is Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 9:45 Eastern Time. Anisa has a free e-course on her website called, Conscious Creation 101. She also provides detailed information on her website on EFT and how to use it. Anisa Aven's website can be found at:

Anisa Aven is a Creative Life Coach specializing in the Law of Attraction and how singles can attract the mate of their dreams. Anisa is the author of multiple courses and recorded audio series on how to apply the laws of creation to attract success, wealth, and happiness. She is the nationally published author of the ‘Ask the Soul Mate Coach'column and appears weekly in dozens of relationship and dating sites across the Internet.

Anisa is the author of the 21-Day course “Navigate Your Fate, Create a Mate”, and a frequent guest on talk shows. She previously served as Wisdom Radio’s relationship coach on Scott Cluthe's previous Wisdom Today show on SIRIUS satellite and co-hosts the Relationship hour on his Evolution Radio program broadcast in the major market of Dallas, Texas. Anisa had the privilege of being the Director of Coaching for, the million member internet dating wonder company before she launched TurnKey Coaching Solutions, LLC where she now serves as CEO. She coaches clients from around the world on how to apply the law of attraction and the laws of the universe to intentionally create the life of their dreams.

Anisa Aven has a background in entrepreneurship and opened her first business at the age of 10, a snack bar in her fathers antique auction house. She has had many adventures in the world of business including marketing, sales, talent management and even children’s videos. Anisa launched her small business consulting company in 1992 and have found her true passion is life coaching and teaching others how to apply the immutable Laws of the Universe to deliberately create the life they really want.

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