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Friday, September 15, 2006

Numerological Influences for September, 2006 - An Excellent Time to Learn & Practice the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Numerological Influences for
September, 2006
by Chyrene Pendleton

September is the ninth month of the year bringing in the universal energies of 8 (add 9 to 2006. 9 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 6 = 17; 1 + 7 = 8 ). What a powerful month this is! Watch for financial shifts affecting stock markets corporations as well as small businesses. How this affects us personally depends on how we are flowing our energy. As mentioned last month, since the 8 vibration is about money and success, September can be very rewarding financially when we are in tune with the spiritual laws, such as the Law of Attraction, regarding money and prosperity. Money is energy and it is spiritual. Attracting it is merely a matter of removing any blocks we may have regarding having money, aligning ourselves only with the energy of what we want (rather than what we don't want), keeping our frequencies high so that we are in the flow.

The key is always how we feel when it comes to the topic of money. Fear thoughts and feelings (worry, guilt, depression, sadness) regarding money and abundance (or anything) will create blocks, lower our frequencies, keeping us out of the flow and disconnected from Spirit. Warm, positive, joyful thoughts and feelings towards everything, including money and abundance will keep us connected with Spirit and in the flow. Express appreciation and gratitude continuously and meditate regularly. These kind of feelings keep us in a high frequency and everything we desire, including money will flow easily into our lives. The 8 vibration of September and this year of 2006 makes it even easier for everyone to manifest success, money, prosperity -- when the spiritual laws are practiced.

This issue of The Isle Of Light newsletter/ezine has articles that will assist those having challenges in the area of manifesting money, prosperity or anything desired. Much information regarding these spiritual laws can also be found at Prosperity Is a State Of Mind. Visit Message From the Movies in this newsletter for a movie review on The Secret. I strongly suggest all to see this film. Listen to my recent interview of Creative Life Coach, Anisa Aven speaking on ""Manifesting Prosperity Using the Law of Attraction and EFT" on The Isle Of Light Internet Radio Show and read her article in this newsletter called, "Manifesting Your Heart's Desire Requires You to Give Up "Wanting" It" will show you how to quickly focus your energy on special words to manifest money or anything you desire.

Read more about Numerological Influences for
September, 2006,
including a list of some of my book suggestions for those wanting to learn and practice the spiritual laws in The Isle Of Light September 2006 Newsletter.


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