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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Larry King Live Tonight on "UFOs Are They For Real?" & Dr. Stephen Greer on Coast to Coast

Change is certainly in the air.

Tonight on Larry King Live, the focus was on the topic, "UFOs Are They For Real?" Experts in this field who will participate in tomorrow's event (March 31, 2008) discuss their personal experiences seeing UFOs. This is a very serious discussion. Pretty awesome film footage was shown also. Shirley MacLaine was on after the experts spoke and said the US government, especially military intelligence really want to reveal this UFO information. On the show, a clip of Dennis Kucinich talking about his UFO sighting as well as Presidents Reagan and Carter's famous quotes about the reality of UFOs.

This show repeats tonight at 12:00 midnight EST and perhaps again at 3:00 am EST.

The National Press Club will discuss UFOs on Monday, March 31st in Washington DC.

Dr. Stephen Greer of The Disclosure Project, will also discuss this on the international Internet radio talk show, Coast to Coast tonight hosted by Art Bell, which begins at 1:00 am EST.

Visit scientist and best-selling author, Sheldan Nidle's Planetary Activation Organization website for books, videos and free, weekly updates on this topic.

Here's another recent story on AOL:


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