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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free Divine Love Healing Program Update

Free Divine Love Healing Program Update

1. The Program is well founded in science and has thirty years of practical experience behind it. You can learn all about the details of the Program by reading Surviving Chaos and Apply Your Birthright. These books are available from Amazon worldwide or by special order in any bookstore in the U. S. and U.K. You can read about these books on our website.

2. The Program is NOT in conflict with any religion. The Program is "spiritual" because it involves God, angels and Divine Love. Divine Love is the unemotional love that God has for His creation - the earth, the universe and all of us. Divine Love is NOT your personal love.

3. The Free Healing Program is very simple to use:

A. Connect to the Program by intent.
B. Then give yourself permission to use your spirit and Divine Love to heal from within. This will clear your system over time for things known and unknown to you.
C. Commit to using the Program for 1/2 hour each day for 14 days.
D. AFTER the 14th day, you can continue to connect to the Program using a custom Petition as described in Apply Your Birthright to address any remaining symptoms.

4. For those that are having difficulty getting started for various reasons, consider these key points:

A. You can connect to the Program AT ANY TIME of your choosing and USE IT ANYWHERE. Simply connect to the Program and get on with what you need to do.

B. You do not need to be alone in a quiet reflective place. I have used the Program in restaurants, in crowds, on airplanes, in the movies, in the shower, while watching television, while reading and while engaging others in conversation. So can you!

C. The ONE thing that you have to pay attention to is NOT to predefine what you think should happen based on other experiences that you have had. To do so limits your healing. For example, trying the Program once for a few minutes is not sufficient. Similarly, repeating the Program several times a day does not increase your healing rate. In both examples your spirit controls your healing rate, not your mental desire, so be patient with yourself.

D. Remember that God (the Creator) is in charge, NOT you.

E. Your Spirit is part of you. Your spirit is NOT external to you. Thus, once you initiate the Program your spirit runs on autopilot to help you, BUT you have to initiate the action. Therefore, it doesn't matter what your mind is chattering about in the background or how well you can concentrate.

If you are not getting significant improvement after following the Program for 21 consecutive days, ask us for healing help. It may also be a good idea for you to make the Free HealingProgram part of your everyday practice as it will improve your wellness in all areas of your life and keep you balanced in the future.


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