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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Manifest Your Desires in Three Days Using Natural Hypnosis

Yes, that is what Seth tells us we all can easily do using natural hypnosis. He gives a minimum of three days before we start to see evidence of what we want appear in our lives. Some may experience this even sooner. Are you up for this challenge? It really does work!

Below is an article I wrote and published on this topic. If you try this simple but powerful exercise I would love to hear your experiences of how this worked for you!

Manifest Your Desires in Three Days
Using Natural Hypnosis

By Chyrene Pendleton

Seth, the very high level, spiritual teacher and guide channeled several years ago by Jane Roberts, impressed me with his great wisdom and I started applying his exercises and concepts back in the early 1980s. One of the exercises I practiced and loved was his natural hypnosis exercise. Seth explained how we are our best hypnotist. Natural hypnosis is simply giving ourselves our undivided attention. We have mind chatter anyway, repeating words and phrases over and over again, making it part of our belief system and reality. This is natural hypnosis, nothing mystical about it.

Now using natural hypnosis deliberately to manifest what we want is easy to do. We already have much practice doing it unconsciously. Using positive affirmations repeated for a brief period of time is very powerful and works exceptionally well. I've used written and verbal positive affirmations since childhood and I can give numerous examples of how well this works.

Now some of you may be thinking, "I do affirmations all of the time, this isn't anything new!" What's different is the use of a specific period of time - five to ten minutes only - of deliberate focused attention on one affirmation. And forgetting all about it when you are done. It's very concentrated and more powerful than saying or writing affirmations in general.

Seth suggests that we take five to ten minutes each day to focus on one particular statement as vividly as possible. This is a statement or an affirmation we want to see manifest into physical reality. This affirmation must feel comfortable to use -- if it doesn't, change it.
Let's say, for example, you want a new job or career. Your affirmation may be something like, "I now have my ideal job, doing what I love and earning a great income". You may want to insert an actual income figure in your affirmation. Word it so it feels just right.

I did this one several years ago for a particular job I wanted after graduating from college. Although there wasn't an opening at the company I wanted to work for, I did get the job in an unusual way. In the meantime, I easily and quickly attracted another job that was similar which led me to certain people and circumstances. In a brief period of time, I was able to get my foot in the door of the company I wanted to work for originally. By doing this exercise, I set energies in motion which opened doors and attracted opportunities I was not aware of. I didn't worry how it would play out, I just allowed it to happen. It all worked out even better than I expected.

So decide what affirmation you would like to use and begin. Every time your mind tries to wander, bring it right back to your statement or affirmation, repeating it mentally or out loud, over and over again - for only five to ten minutes. Then forget all about it until the next day when you do this exercise again.

What you have just done is focused attention, natural hypnosis. According to Seth, if you do this exactly as mentioned, in at least three days, you will start to see the results of your intentions. Some may see it sooner. Continue doing the exercise regardless and allow the miracles to happen. Seth explains:

"Inner channels must become repatterned. There will be a feel to this that will serve as your own individual guideline. There is no need to continue the practice over ten minutes. In fact, many will find that difficult to do. Spending a longer period of time simply reinforces the idea of problems involved."

I wish everyone great success using natural hypnosis sessions in this way. It really works! For other exercises and techniques by Seth, some of the books I highly recommend by Jane Roberts are Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness and by Lynda Dahl -- Beyond the Winning Streak: Using Conscious Creaton to Consistently Win at Life and Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation.

© 2005 Chyrene Pendleton

Chyrene Pendleton, Metaphysician, Numerologist, Dowser, teaches several workshops on topics including prosperity and abundance, numerology and dowsing. Her articles have been featured in many mainstream and spiritual journals over the years and in her free, online Ezine called, The Isle of Light.

Chyrene is the owner of The Isle of Light Inc., a spiritual, metaphysical online spiritual center dedicated to assisting all to become more empowered and enlightened in a wide variety of ways. She is a certified television show producer and co-produced and hosted The Isle of Light television talk show in Denver, Colorado, which continues to air biweekly. Chyrene is also the producer and host of The Isle of Light Internet radio talk show which airs 24 hours each day at Live365.

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Blogger John said...

Couldn't agree more - most things are a state of mind - attitude is one thing that we can all control. Nice site - keep it up!

Sun Jun 12, 02:40:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Chyrene Pendleton said...

Thank you John!

Mon Jun 13, 01:11:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger stop2think said...

You need to create room for positive thoughts before you can manifest your desires. Naturally what occupies your mind will take shape in your life. One by one, everything that you don't want or fear will appear. You can stop this cycle by ignoring negative thoughts. Let negative thoughts come through but do not pay attention or get emotional about what it says. When you ignore it for the first time, it will reappear in another guise to catch you off-guard. Keep vigilant and avoid engaging. Slowly but surely the cycle will lose momentum and eventually stop altogether. When you remove negative thoughts from your mind, there will be more room for positive ones. By process of elimination you will fill your mind with positive and uplifting thoughts, ready to take form as your desires.

Fri Feb 10, 11:15:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Chyrene Pendleton said...

You make good points Stop2think, thank you for your comments. I believe one of the fastest ways to replace negative thoughts with positive ones is through positive affirmations, which reprograms our mind and is very much like hypnosis...

Sat Feb 11, 03:13:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Yianni said...

First timer here. I used (Seth method) for inspiration on new transition. Been in computers for 20 years and I want to make a living around my passions (metaphysical/art).Hence your bio! To add to Seth’s tool:Truly know you are a manifestor.Ask for a manifest number and think it when you affirm.

Wed Apr 02, 10:50:00 AM GMT-5  
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