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Monday, October 16, 2006

Michael Neil's "I Welcome" List

I was listening to Michael Neil the other day and wrote down his "I Welcome" list idea. It's similar to the list I do each morning but just a little different.

"I'm going to suggest that you begin each day with an "I Welcome" list and it's just a list of the things you welcome into your life that day.

I welcome abundance,
I welcome cash,
I welcome more love,
I welcome a bright smile from a stranger,
I welcome a nice car...

and just allow yourself to enjoy wanting what you want without putting any pressure on yourself to change what you're doing in order to try and get it. Because so much of the pain of wanting doesn't actually come from the desire--desire feels wonderful! It comes from the idea that we have to somehow change in order to have what we want. The exact opposite is true.

The more you're willing to be who you are and the more you're willing to want what you want, the more it just shows up..."

Michael Neil on his radio show, You Can Have What You Want, October 12, 2006 at:


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