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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Eckhart Tolle, Oprah and the Gathering of the Pain-Bodies

Although not a happy situation, the image that the "gathering of the pain-bodies" conjures up made me laugh out loud during Oprah and Eckhart Tolle's free online class, A New Earth on March 31st, chapter five. Familiar images of past family reunions came to mind and other such gatherings, including holiday times with friends and relatives. Pain-bodies at such events love, love, love to live in the past. As Eckhart and Oprah mentioned, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best days for the pain-bodies!

We learned that pain-bodies are like actual entities formed from past pain and negativity we haven't yet faced or dealt with. These entities or thought-forms enter or attach to our bodies and actually feed on negative thoughts, causing some of us to become addicted to negativity. When the negativity isn't dealt with, it goes into the body causing illness, disease, weight gain, rage, etc. The pain-bodies love to reenact negative drama in all relationships including at the workplace, are drawn to negative news and events, enjoy seeing violence and negativity in movies (written and produced, of course, by other pain bodies), etc.

Eckhart taught us that pain-bodies are very cunning and when you meet them, they will find ways to make you unconsciousness, pushing your buttons until you do go unconscious. He warned if you encounter someone's pain-body, don't feed it! And certainly don't confront or address their pain body! Allow that person to be in their pain-body and just listen. He said it takes one person to be present and one to participate.

Eckhart Tolle also explained the importance of clearing up your mind when you find streams of negative talk in your head. We are to:

"Recognize the negativity and step out of the stream of negative thinking.

Come into the present moment. Take one or two conscious breaths. You've stepped out of the stream of thinking.

...or feel the inner body. Feel the aliveness in your arms, your hands, your legs.
Put your attention there. You've stepped out of the stream of thinking.

...or look at something and bring your full consciousness to the act of perception, for example, a tree or a flower--anything natural is best. Look at anything natural and give it your full attention. This takes you out of your stream of thinking.

...or any natural sound that the birds make...or find little ways in which you can step out of the stream of repetitive thinking."

Much more was discussed in this class with people calling in from around the world with excellent questions. On Monday, April 7th the class is on chapter 6 called, "Breaking Free" and what to do to get rid of these pain-bodies once and for all.


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