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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute (or anytime) Gifts Under $20

Make your gifts more meaningful this season or anytime by thinking about what the receiver may appreciate. Below you will find several gift ideas under $20. Don't forget to give yourself a gift or two also.

1. The Slanket

Give the gift of warmth to someone who lives in cold areas of the country, and help them save on energy costs at the same time. Slankets are the original, thick blankets with oversized sleeves, in a wide assortment of colors, made with very soft, durable fleece. I'm wearing my Slanket right now as I write this, just like the pictures on the website, and it's just as comfortable and cozy as it looks. Buy Slankets from the original Slanket website on sale (some for $19.99 plus shipping) or buy a Slanket from QVC now for $19.85 with free standard shipping.

2. Snuggies

Snuggies, blankets with sleeves which you may have seen on TV, sell for much less than Slankets and make good gifts also. Although Snuggies do not have the same quality and fabric thickness like Slankets have, I can see how Snuggies can help take the chill out at nights in areas of the country with warmer climates. Some come with a book light also. Find Snuggies at some dollar stores and stores carrying made for TV items, like CVS and Walgreens.

2. Candles

You cannot go wrong when you give candles. Originating since ancient times, candles have a wide variety of uses and meanings, including to represent enlightenment, for spiritual and religious rituals, to create a mood or ambience, to provide fragrance, for romance and to decorate an area. Candles make practical gifts also, such as emergency candles for lighting. Give one or two meaningful candles, like the quality aromatherapy candles sold at Yankee Candle or give an assortment of candles as a gift basket.

Make your candle gifts functional too. I've inserted tea light candles in tea light holders, which you can find in a wide range of styles, and wrapped them together as gifts. Tea light candles look like small, round candles which come in a disposable, metal or plastic container. Whether you purchase candles from a dollar store, craft store or specialty store, your gift of candles will always be appreciated.

3. Books

Find most of the books you want at and take advantage of their two-day free shipping, if applicable. Like Amazon, Barnes and Noble also has free shipping when you buy books totaling $25, a great way to buy more than one gift under $20. Barnes and Amazon will also gift-wrap the books for a fee. While you're looking at the site, notice they sell a wide range of goods besides books, including food.

4. Music

Give the special gift of music. If you don't know the type of music to give, consider music one can relax to or meditate with. Music for Candles featuring Kimmara Rosehart and James Lewis Feagans create CDs using various combinations of the flute, Native American flute, cello, piano, harp and acoustic guitar to assist you along your spiritual path. For instance, give the CD called "Attunement to Wealth, Health and Happiness" to assist you or a loved one to align with the Law of Attraction. I invited Music for Candles to perform on The Isle of Light television show in Denver, CO of 2002, which they did beautifully, mesmerizing and enlightening the television audience.

I've ordered music before and after meeting Steven Halpern, Ph.D., award-winning composer, producer and recording artist, greatly enjoying the broad range of music he provides. Halpern combines energy medicine with ancient sound healing to present you with music for meditation, sleep, relaxation, stress and much more. Halpern started out as a trumpet player, focusing on jazz/rock, a bass and guitar player and now produces CDs with a focus on keyboards. "Music for Sound Healing" and "In the Om Zone" are just two of his best-selling recordings you may want to check out on his Inner Peace Music website.


If you know someone who enjoys wine, you can find quality wines at Wine in almost every price range. Along with ratings from customers, Wine Express provides you with a professional, virtual video tasting of the wine you select, so you know a little about the wine and what foods it goes best with. You can have your wine selection shipped by UPS at a low fee to any state that allows alcohol shipping, as long as a signer is present upon delivery who is age 21 or older. If your shipment is local, consider having the wine shipped to you, so you can add something to the box, such as a CD or candles.

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