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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

One Personal Example of What Being Open to Prosperity Can Do

Being open to money and prosperity means allowing it to come to us through any channel, including unconventional ones.

Last year, a longtime friend of mine called me to say she saw my name in one of those websites for unclaimed money. Understanding that anything is possible, I asked her the name of the site and she gave it to me. I looked up my name and there it was, stating that money was waiting for me!

After thanking her, I called the state treasury office and using my social security number, they verified there was indeed money that belonged to me and mailed a release form for me to sign. I still do not know where the money came from. I gave my friend some of the money in appreciation.

Again, being open to prosperity (which isn't just money) means it can come to us through any avenue, including unconventional ones such as this. I shared that website with many people, some who told me they found money either for themselves or family members. In case you are interested, the website she gave me is:

Click on Owners and then on Find Property. Find your state, select it and click on the website.

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