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Monday, June 13, 2005

A Few Tips for the Natural Hypnosis Exercise

So, how are you doing with this recent natural hypnosis exercise? Feel free to share your experiences!

Here are some tips which have worked successfully for me with this natural hypnosis exercise:

1. During the 5 - 10 minutes, I make sure I'm in a very quiet location, no distractions. I use a timer also.

2. I then bring in all I can to focus totally on the affirmation or statement. Since I'm very visual, I use the visualization process to "see" as vividly as I can, what my affirmation is.

3. While focusing on the affirmation, I add all the details I can using my imagination, like smells, taste, texture, if it applies. This means making it as real as possible.

4. I add feelings of joy and excitement during the whole period. This particular feeling brings what I want into a higher frequency which speeds up the whole process. It also puts me into this high frequency. This is a very important part of any manifesting we do and I'll be writing about this more later.

5. Then I completely forget I even did this exercise. No checking to see if it worked, no wondering if I did it right -- nothing until the next day. I just switch it off and go about my day. This is the "letting go" or the "allowing" part, a very powerful, important step of any manifestation process.

So, how did YOU do with this recent natural hypnosis exercise and what was your experience with this so far?

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