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Friday, April 22, 2005

Using Prosperity Affirmations to Reprogram Ourselves

Many people define prosperity as meaning having money. Money is actually only one aspect of prosperity. Our Creator, All-That-Is, God, the Universe is all about unlimited abundance and prosperity and we are each a part of that. It is our birthright to have it all - wealth, money, abundance, prosperity, health and more. All we have to do is believe it. This is also where some get stuck.

Believing one is supposed to struggle and work hard in order to earn money is common belief system in this country. Both of my parents had this belief (which was passed down to them) and yes, they struggled throughout their lives, experiencing successes in this area here and there but only after working hard for it. It can be quite challenging for some to change their beliefs in this area and not all people want to change.

For those who are tired of working hard for money and truly want to experience another way, there are many resources to assist one in chang ing belief systems about money, prosperity and abundance. Affirmations are one powerful way to reprogram ourselves. An excellent, spiritual link for daily prosperity affirmations can be found in the Daily Affirmation Room at

Just click on the link called "Creating Money and Abundance" (or any link you want) and an affirmation will appear which one can focus on for the day. Click it again for another affirmation.

Here is one such affirmation you may find there:

"I am linked with the unlimited abundance
of the universe."

These excellent affirmations will begin to reprogam the mind and replace old belief systems about money and prosperity with new, positive ones.

Michael Losier, author of Law of Abundance: Attracting What You Want and What You Don't Want. suggests that if one has challenges getting results with positive affirmations, saying or writing, "I am in the process of..." and then an affirmation will work better. His website can be found at:
By the way, I strongly suggest reading the book, Creating Money: Keys To Abundance by Sanaya Roman, very powerful, channeled book . Years ago, I took a formal prosperity course where this was the required textbook. Since then, I have used it in my prosperity workshops. Creating Money: Keys To Abundance can be ordered at most major bookstores or from Sanaya Roman's website at

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