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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Moon & New Year's Eve Fire Ritual

Sonia Choquette, a world-renowned author of eight best-selling books and six-sensory spiritual teacher, recently shared what she calls the Fire Ritual to do on today's New Moon and New Year's Eve. This is a very powerful ritual and great to do with friends and or family.
I'll be doing this sometime after the New Moon Cetacean Meditation .

Fire Ritual

1. Make a fire in a fireplace or burn small fire outside.

2. Write all of your intentions for the New Year on little pieces of paper.

3. Put these pieces of paper on toothpicks

4. Blow your "spirit" onto your intentions and throw them into the fire on New Year's Eve.

If it is inconvenient to be in front of a fireplace:

1. Line a deep metal pot with foil, putting about 2 cups of Epsom salts in and cover it with rubbing alcohol. Place the pot on a plate (to protect your floor) in a safe area of the room.

3. Place each piece of paper with your intentions written on it and with your spirit blown onto it, one by one into the pot.

3. When you are finished, light up the papers with a match and let them burn!

May all of your intentions and desires come true and
have a very Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas (a special message)

I am sharing with you another wonderful message by Chief Joseph through John Cali about Christmas, how it affects us and what we can do about it. Chief Joseph is a non-physical entity who, through many powerful messages, reminds us who we truly are. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
Sentinels of the Sky
Conversations with Chief Joseph
Merry Christmas
by John Cali

At the risk of being "politically incorrect," I want to wish all of you a most Merry Christmas. You do not have to be Christian (I am not) to have a merry and happy Christmas season. I absolutely love this time of year.

But, for those of you who may be rolling your eyes into the back of your skulls, I’ll also wish all of you Happy Holidays. ;-)

To get a bit more serious here, I received a letter from a friend just a few days ago. She has a hard time during the December holiday season.

Here is an excerpt from her letter:

Could you do a newsletter on how to make the holidays easier for those of us who feel utterly alone? I've really been struggling with this last week. I have nice plans, but . . . I have such a yearning to be a part of a permanent family group. Even though my family was dysfunctional in some ways, we cared about each other too. There was a familiarity about those family Christmases of long ago that tears my heart out when I think of them. Especially the Christmases with my grandparents. It's gotten me feeling most melancholy.

And here’s Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

This time of year is, for many of you, a mixed blessing, if you will.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas -- or any other special holiday -- you sometimes find yourselves torn and tossed, and in turmoil.

The holiday, the celebration -- whether it be Christmas or any other special time for you -- often reminds you of the joy of life. Celebrations are all about joy, about honoring your lives and all those loved ones with whom you share your lives.

But, most importantly, your celebrations are about you -- and your appreciation and love for yourself.

Now, you might ask, "What does that mean, Joseph?"

Well, friends, it means this: If you cannot celebrate the miracle that is you first, then you will often find little joy or reason to celebrate Christmas -- or any other holidays.

It all begins with you. Your ability to love, appreciate, and celebrate yourself is the key here.

If you can do that, you will never feel lonely or joyless. We realize the holidays, whether they be Christmas or any other days special to you, often bring out the "worst," if you will, in you.

Often, the reason for that is you are remembering past holidays, past celebrations.

They may or may not have been as perfect as you remember them. But they have almost always involved other people you love and care about.

And so, given that, you find yourself yearning for the "good old days."

Friends, those "good old days" are now. Today and tomorrow are the good old days you will remember next year, and ten years or more from now.

Our point here is this:

Your joy, your happiness, your peace depend only on you. And only on how you feel about you.

If you feel good about you, you don’t need anyone else, anything else in your life to feel good -- whether at Christmas or any other time.

You are all you need.

We are not saying it is not good to connect with others -- to be joyous co-creators in this joyous experience of life on Planet Earth.

You did not come here to be alone -- at least most of you did not. You came here to be joyful individual creators -- but also to be joyful co-creators.

But you can be neither a good individual creator nor a good co-creator unless you first acknowledge and feel your own power. You can stand alone in the immense power you have as one single individual.

And in that power, once you’ve acknowledged and owned it, you will be forever joyful.

You will never again feel alone or lonely. You will live fully in every present moment with a deep sense of joy.

And that’s what Christmas, or any other holiday, is all about, isn’t it? That’s what life is all about.

Be joyful. Be joy. Celebrate every day of your life as if it was Christmas. Celebrate yourself.

Celebrate everything and everyone in your life. It’s all good!

Merry Christmas!

Copyright © 2005 Great Western Publishing
Sentinels of the Sky: Conversations with Chief Joseph
Copyright © 2005 Great Western Publishing
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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Creating Money Flow

Sanaya Roman is an author of many books including, Creating Money: Keys to Abundance and has channeled a spirit teacher named Orin for over 20 years. This is another excellent excerpt from her book called, "Creating Money Flow" where we learn what we can do to increase the flow of money in our lives.

"If you are experiencing as much money going out as coming in, things are stagnant, or you have more bills than you have income, look at where your own energy might not be moving or is blocked. You want both money and your personal energy to flow. By unblocking your energy, you can create more money in your life. Blocks in money flow can be caused by places where your energy isn't flowing, such as in your emotions, physical body, or in your relationships. Observe your life for awhile, and ask your higher self to show you where your energy needs to flow more."

Read this excerpt in full in The Isle Of Light December 2005 newsletter and learn how you can increase your money flow.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Listen Now to Reality Shift Expert, Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson
"Understanding Reality Shifts"
Click MP3 link to listen now

A few days ago, I interviewed a fascinating woman named Cynthia Sue Larson on the topic, "Understanding Reality Shifts". She is a scientist, spiritual life coach and author of Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success.

"The whole focus of the book is what your aura can do for you, how you can find lost things, improve your health, improve your luck, take advantage of all of the gifts your energy field can bring you..."

Cynthia's tells us on reality shifts:

"A reality shift has to do with the experience of things appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting, and also changes in the way we experience time. And basically, these are things that happen around us everyday..."

During this show, we learn about synchronicities, why time seems to be speeding up, alternate realities, parallel universes, time travel, teleportation and more. Cynthia also describes the "Alive Again Phenomenon", a fascinating occurrence of people who have died and are seen again at a later date, alive and well. She lists several famous people which she reported in her July, 2005 issue of RealityShifters News. Many people on her realityshifters discussion list participated in this study.

"The number one most commonly reported person that came up was Bob Keeshan who played the role of Captain Kangaroo on television...that was about a 26% report rate that a lot of people remembered, that he had passed away and then he died a second time..."

You can contact Cynthia by email at: or visit her website at:

This interview with Cynthia Sue Larson airs on the following dates and times at
Wednesday, December 21st at 7 AM, 3 PM and 11 PM EST and Saturday, December 24th at 6 AM, 2 PM and 10 PM EST, repeating every three days on a rotating time schedule. Schedule information can be found in the Radio/Television section of The Isle Of Light at:

as well as on The Isle Of Light radio station broadcast schedule at:

Friday, December 09, 2005

A Manifesting Tip

I recently heard world-renowned, author, vibrational healer and spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette speak about prosperity and manifesting on her radio show. One statement she said was very simple and works so very well:

"The quickest way to manifest what you want,
is to see the outcome."

- Sonia Choquette, author of several books including, Trust Your Vibes

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

20/20 Features Secrets and Strategies from the New Rich

I taped and watched last Friday's 20/20 segment about the secrets and strategies of the new rich. I was pleased that each of the four, very wealthy people interviewed truly cared about the welfare of others. Their focus was not on how much money they could make but how much they can serve and inspire others and make the world a better place. They all understand the importance of giving and of doing what you love, no matter what critics have to say.

For example, the co-founder of Ebay, Jeff Skoll is a billionaire who is listed as one of the top givers in the country. He gives hundreds of millions of dollars away and is starting centers all over the country to help inner city children succeed. Jeff's philosophy is "don't think of money as the final goal, think of it as a way to do good for the world". Robert Redford said he is genuinely altruistic.

And then there's Costco, a highly successful, multi-billion dollar business. The CEO of Costco, Jim Sinegall said his secret is to treat his employees like family and the customers like guests. He pays a starting wage of $17.00/hr and has the lowest turnover rate, promoting 100% within the company. Once hired, employees rarely leave the company. Jim pays himself a lot less than he could, $350,000 /yr. He isn't above working in his own stores, which he visits 12 of each day around the country. He sometimes answers phones and wears a name tag like everyone else. He says to make money, keep it simple and be humane and ethical.

Beautiful Kimora Lee Simmons has everything and lives over the top. She said "people are buying into over the top". Her fashion line is called, Baby Phat which appeals to many, especially the hip-hop culture. Kimora's tip is to support many charities and says, "The secret to acquiring wealth is to give it away and to share. I think the more that you give, the more that you get."

Dov Charney of American Apparel was featured first and says his key for success is passion, believing in what you are doing. Although he has a $200 million per year business, Dov doesn't really pay himself a salary. He does pay his employees well and makes all of his clothing in the U.S.

All of these examples are from people who worked their way up from starting from nothing except their dreams.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Are You Doing This New Moon Day?

Besides creating a list of your intentions, according to the Galactic calendar (based upon the Mayan calendar), today's New Moon day is called the Red Dragon. The Red Dragon which the Mayans named "Chicchan", has the energies of survival, power, sex and life force energy. Today is the day to give power to all of the intentions we have listed and bring them to life. We do this simply by using visualization and "seeing" our desires delivered to us by the Red Dragon. This assists in manifesting our desires into physical reality more quickly. There are other ways we can use this very powerful energy also.

The influences from today's New Moon will be strong through Saturday, December 3rd, which is also the last day of this Mercury Retrograde we have been under.