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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Staying Open to Abundance

I had to laugh. Last night as I was blogging and about to click on "Publish Post", my power went out. There I was sitting in pitch dark with probably a weird, surprised look on my face. Then I started laughing as I groped my way to my trusty Baygen radio with a light.

Anyway, today I noticed many in my city seemed to be in a grim mood. There were widespread power outages last night and this morning in many cities, due to exceptionally high winds blowing down power lines. People spoke of their fears of hikes in the cost of energy this winter.

It is important to keep a prosperity consciousness during this time of major change. Many may find it easy to get into fear and worry about fuel for heat and the cost of gas. After all, that's all we hear about in the media. In such situations, having a prosperity consciousness means focusing only on what we want rather than on what we don't want. This means focusing on having an abundance of oil, gas, food, etc., no matter what we hear on the news. The Universe is always abundant. All we have to do is be open to it.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Keep Your Plans to Yourself

In my prosperity workshops, I emphasize the importance of keeping one's intentions and goals to oneself. Why is this important?

It disperses the energy necessary to manifest that intention or desire. Some people just love to talk with others about what they are going to do or about their personal plans. Sometimes they enjoy hearing themselves talk about these wonderful goals - it makes them feel important and it sounds good.

Also, there are people out there who may not support our goals for whatever reason. Maybe they don't believe we can possibly accomplish what we are sharing and make a point to tell us so. They could have their own selfish reasons for not wanting to see us succeed or may be jealous.

We need to focus that energy and direct it on what we want to accomplish, just like a laser beam. Then we can watch our goals manifest very quickly. Otherwise, it still may eventually manifest but usually, one becomes all "talked out", so to speak and loses focus. I've seen this happen with people more often than not.

Catherine Ponder, author of several, wonderful prosperity books wrote in her book, The Dynamics of Prosperity,

What is secret is sacred".

She also wrote,

"Open your mind to receive by telling God what you want, instead of telling people. Telling people what you want can dissipate your good. People are channels, but God is the source."

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Asking For Assistance

Yesterday, I heard on the news that the price of wood just went up here in New York state. Why? Because of the hurricane damage and all of the rebuilding that started. In other words, there isn't a reason in the world for the rise in wood prices or in gas for that matter.

One thing we can always do is ask God/Creator/All That Is or the angels for assistance whenever we want to, including with prosperity. The angels are intermediaries between us and our Creator. We are living in times where we'll see and experience incredible situations as we and our planet Earth go through major change.

I believe we are surrounded by angels at all times and their main purpose is to assist us, but we must ask them for it - angels will not interfere with our free will. There are angels for absolutely every situation we can think of, including prosperity. Call upon the prosperity angels and be open to what appears - solutions and responses can come in many surprising forms.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Taking Time to Laugh

Thank you readers for your patience with my blog entries. I've received many email from you also (and from others) which I'm still catching up on.

I had to get my computer serviced during the busiest time of the month and eventually have a new hard drive installed. I briefly thought about doing it myself (to speed things up) but since I had an extended service warranty, I sent my computer out and let someone else do the work and testing. It's all about letting go, which I'm pretty good at, although it was pretty challenging this time because of deadlines. In the meantime, I've been doing my usual spiritual work by snail mail and phone. And I've been taking time out to sit back and laugh.

There is a great need for laughter right now. I mean this literally and very respectfully in light of the hurricane tragedy as well as other world events and in our personal lives.

I was reminded of this last week when I heard a Hurricane Katrina survivor who lost everything say all she can do right now is to laugh at the situation - it helps keep her sane and helps those around her.

She was quite correct. I've learned that laughter, especially when things seem the most dark, depressing and heavy, works wonders. It not only lifts our spirits, it raises our vibrations and reconnects us to our soul and spirit guides. Laughter opens many doors so we quickly have access to solutions to our problems. It assists us in manifesting or creating what we want, much more easily.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Angels Over the Gulf Coast  

I've personally known Bryan de Flores for several years now and among his other amazing work, he creates powerful, spiritual accelerators from the higher dimensions (including the accelerator he created for me at The Isle Of Light.

Below is his latest called, "Angels over the Gulf Coast". It is a portal designed to send "healing, joy and support energies to the Gulf Coast of the United States. It also "contains the new matrix for the rebuilding of the entire coast area as well". Bryan tells us how we can send healing energy through this portal and where we can send donations to aid the survivors at:

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Giving to the Survivors of Katrina

I am a longtime volunteer for Volunteers of America and I have experienced firsthand how very helpful and trustworthy this organization is. I just finished speaking to a Volunteers of America representative in Denver, Colorado (where I lived) where many families recently arrived from New Orleans. I was told they are overwhelmed with items (which is great!) but need money and people willing to donate time. Other locations are in need of everything.

Below is a list of organizations compiled by a friend of mine along with phone numbers and websites. They need volunteers and cash donations. And, of course, our prayers are always needed - prayer is the most powerful act we can do.

Charity Navigator provides information on charities and tips on giving. Please read this information first before giving.

American Red Cross, 800-HELP-NOW (435-7669)
English 800-257-7575
Spanish.America's Second Harvest 800-344-8070.
Adventist Community Services 800-381-7171.
Catholic Charities USA 800-919-9338.
Christian Disaster Response 941-956-5183 or 941-551-9554.
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee 800-848-5818.
Church World Service 800-297-1516.
Convoy of Hope 417-823-8998.
Lutheran Disaster Response 800-638-3522.
Mennonite Disaster Service 717-859-2210.
Nazarene Disaster Response 888-256-5886.
Operation Blessing 800-436-6348.
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance 800-872-3283.
Salvation Army, 800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769).
Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief 800-462-8657, Ext. 6440.
United Methodist Committee on Relief 800-554-8583.

Volunteers of America 800-899-0089.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina - A Catalyst for Change

As we are seeing, Hurricane Katrina is so much more than a major earth change event - it has become a great catalyst for much needed change in this country. It is forcing all to look at and finally deal with some of the most important issues the U.S. has been hiding and ignoring all along.

I am so moved and inspired from the outpouring of love and support not only from people in the U.S. but from countries around the world, even countries with their own survival issues. This shows how connected to one another we as humans truly are. I see a great opportunity for healing which has to happen as we continue through the Shift. This tragedy and how it is handled, will assist with the awakening process in ways we haven't seen before.

It is so very important to continue to keep our personal frequencies as high as possible, no matter what we see going on around us. This means focusing on the higher vibrations of love, compassion and joy - especially when things look bleak. This cabal's days in power are numbered and attempts to keep people in fear (which holds us back) is his last ditch effort.

The New Moon began yesterday and these special energies will continue to be strong today and tomorrow. Along with prayer, adding the intention of loving assistance (spiritually, financially, physically) for the survivors to our lists is a very powerful way to give our support on many, many levels.