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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The "AH" Meditation

Some of you may be familiar with mantras such as "AUM" or "OM". A mantra is a sound, a word or a phrase which is repeated in a meditation. "AH" is another mantra which is very powerful and has always intrigued me. I can feel its power. "AH" is used specifically to manifest what we want in life.

Back in the mid-1990s, I purchased a CD by Dr. Wayne Dyer called, Meditations for Manifesting: Morning and Evening Meditations to Literally Create Your Heart's Desire. On the CD, Dr. Dyer introduces us to the "OM" and the "AH" mantra. He says that "AH" is the sound of the Creator, it is the name of God in every language, such as Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, etc.

While focusing on what we want to appear in our lives, such as a new home, job, health, prosperity - anything we desire, we can say a long, slow "AH" repeatedly at the same time. Try it and see how it works for you. Then you'll see for yourself why "AH" is the mantra of creation..

If you are interested in hearing what Dr. Dyer has to say about how to use the "AH" to manifest what we want, check out the website at:

He has weekly live shows and archived ones (along with many others). The show I'm referring to is called, Getting in the Gap, the ancient Hindu practice of Japa meditation. He also has a segment called, Understanding and Using the Japa Meditation.

If you have used the "AH" mantra before, please share your results and experiences - I'm sure many (including me) would love to hear them!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Doing What We Love Always Brings Success

A blogger recently reminded me of something important regarding having a prosperity consciousness. It's about doing what we love to do.

I've always believed that when we work at something we love, whether it's waiting on tables, driving a truck, painting, performing music, we will always be successful. I really do believe that. I believe we are all born with many talents and gifts - some say they are from God - and when we use them, we will experience success.

Loving what we do is not a common concept in this society. People are conditioned to focus on making ends meet, working to pay the bills, in other words, survival. We are conditioned to believe that if our talents do not meet with what society considers "prestigious", then we can't hope to make any money doing it. We are conditioned in this society to believe that making the money is what's most important.

When we do what we love to do, it doesn't feel like work, it feels like fun. I believe that's the way it's supposed to feel! I have witnessed numerous examples, besides my own, of people doing what they enjoy doing most in life for a living.

For example, one guy I know worked in a grocery store as a produce man for over 30 years. I was admiring the produce one day, saying to him how the fruit and vegetables were always fresh and the displays were always so very pretty and inviting. He then told me how much he loves all plants. He expressed how happy and privileged he felt every morning to come to work and be among all of the vegetation. He said it didn't feel like work at all and although he earned an excellent income, this was something he would do for free. I see this man as a very successful, prosperous man, living his life joyfully doing what he loves to do.

One of many good books on this topic which I highly recommend is called, Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow by Marsha Sinetar.

If you have any examples about what happens when we do what we love to do, feel free to share them here!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

What Lies in Our Near Future? "Planet Alert 2005-2012"

The Isle of Light
Internet Radio Talk Show Interview
Mahala Gayle
"Planet Alert 2005-2012"

Click MP3 link to listen NOW:
As I mentioned when I first started this blog, I will post information about some of my recent radio talk show interviews here. On June 21, 2005, I interviewed a wonderful woman named, Mahala Gayle who is a Mundane Astrologer and an expert in that field. Mahala has appeared on many radio and television programs over the years, speaking on this subject. She is also the editor and writer of Planet Alert articles which can be found on her website at

Mundane astrology focuses on world events rather than individual charts, although Mahala will mention specific personal chart information where it applies to world situations, such as President Bush.

Mahala explains exactly how world events such as earth changes (earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, solar flares, etc.), politics, war, economics and the finances, religion, and much more are revealed through the science of astrology. Mahala takes us through current world situations in countries such as Iraq, North Korea, Russia, China as well as what is happening in the U.S.

"...if you're familiar with the Downing Street Memo that just happened with the Bush administration, Mercury, which is the planet that rules communication, was exactly over Washington D.C. by longitude when that event began..."

It is absolutely amazing what she has to say about the changes coming since the June 22nd Full Moon. Mahala says this particular Full Moon happens to be a marker signifying a birth of something new. The changes she speaks about affect all of us starting right now, specifically through the next 2 1/2 years.

I also appreciated what Mahala had to say about the book of Revelation in the Bible, of which she has studied extensively. From that study she has been able to correlate the Bible and its relationship with the stars. She says we are now in the 19th and 20th chapters of Revelation and reveals what we can expect to experience now and in the coming days, weeks, months... Mahala also tells us we will be entering the 21st and 22nd chapters very soon - sooner than we think!

This show also airs on a rotating schedule at:
Let me know what you think (and feel) about the show and what Mahala has to say. Enjoy!
The Isle of Light

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Use Today's Full Moon to Your Advantage

Today marks another beautiful Full Moon. The Summer Solstice started June 21 making the energies at this time even more powerful. For those into astrology, this is a Capricorn Full Moon.

Full Moons represent prosperity and abundance and although every day is a good time to do our money and prosperity affirmations and meditations, today is the most powerful time. Those of you born under the sun, moon or rising sign of Capricorn will have an added boost of this energy to draw upon.

Here are examples of affirmations to use from an earlier post called, Are You Attracting or Repelling Money? R
emember, we can always use our imaginations to create our own affirmations which can be written down or spoken out loud, repeatedly. Having a positive intent will assist in attracting our desires more quickly.

If you haven't already, you may want to read this article also from an earlier post, Connect With the Moon Phases to Manifest Your Desires . Feel free to share any of your Full Moon experiences.

Image hosted by
This is my attempt at capturing the image of the June 22nd Full Moon LOL!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Are We Always Supposed to Give?

I've found that many people feel they must always give to others. A lot of it has to do with programming from childhood. Females especially are taught early to be the givers, nurturers and caretakers. Some people give because of religious reasons or because they were taught it was the right thing to do. Others do it only when they feel guilty about something they did.

To give really is Divine and is very important to do in order to become abundant and prosperous. I believe there is a right way to give though. As a naturally generous type myself, I've learned that giving must be done freely and from the heart, otherwise there can be negative effects energetically.

For example, giving money to someone because you feel pressured to do so always brings undesirable results. The same thing with feeling obligated to give money or an item. It doesn't feel good, in fact, because it doesn't feel good, it places you in a very low vibrational state which creates blocks in the energy flow for you and the other person involved.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to say "no" and perhaps offer suggestions for that person to help him or herself. This gives that person the opportunity to feel and become more empowered and prosperous as he or she learns that they have the ability to attract money or that item also. It also raises your vibrations and keeps your energy flowing.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

I strongly sense my father is having a great time on the other side, probably still continuing where he left off here but with a healthy, strong and youthful body. I've learned a lot about what it must be like where he is and although I miss him, I'm so very happy for him. I am fortunate to have had such a creative, spiritual, intelligent and very talented father. His birthday would have been today also...

Happy Father's Day to Dad's everywhere!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

What's Stashed Behind Your Doors?

A couple of months ago, I was browsing at one of my favorite hangouts, Barnes & Noble, and an audio tape caught my attention. It was sitting on top of some books instead of in the audio section, just looking at me. I picked it up and knew right away that I would buy it.

First of all, for those who may not familiar with the art of Feng Shui, it's basically all about energy and directing that flow of energy in our personal environment for the best results. I've learned that all clutter blocks that flow of energy. Everything in our homes reflect our personal lives exactly and every item in our homes emits its own energy, which affects us.

The name of this tape (actually a two-tape set) is called, "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston. This is not your usual Feng Shui information - Karen is very blunt and straightforward in her approach and she addresses issues most Feng Shui experts do not. In her profession, she works with deep, emotional issues which keep us from attracting what we want. These emotional challenges appear in our lives in the form of clutter. And that "clutter" also can be the things we collect and save. Her specialty is called Space Clearing and you can read more about her work at:

Anyway, I want to share something I had not really tried yet. Karen said if we remove all of our stuff behind each door in our homes so they can easily open all of the way, our lives will dramatically change for the better. She said even if we don't do anything else in our lives regarding clutter clearing, this one act will make a huge difference in our lives. That means removing anything hanging on the doors (like clothes) and everything sitting or stored behind them. Clearing this area allows energy to flow throughout the home and throughout our lives.

For some reason, I never thought much about what was behind my doors (except for my main front door). So I got to it and examined behind each and every door. Some doors needed furniture to be moved a few inches away so it could open all the way. Other doors had things propped there, like some folding tables I have. As a result of clearing behind each and every door, I've noticed many more "doors" continuing to open in my life. This is exciting!

If you try this, please share your results!

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Only Female Imperial Feng Shui Master in the World in Los Angeles June 18th

John Joseph Kennedy, U.S. Presidential Candidate 2004 and entrepreneur extraordinaire, is presenting an all-day live seminar in Los Angeles on Saturday June 18, 2005 from 10 AM - 6 PM on Creativity and Entrepreneurship: The Creative Evolution of an Intellectual Property©. One of his co-presenters is Kwai Lan Chan, Author, Financial Auditor & Imperial Feng Shui Master, who is giving a special presentation called: Attracting Wealth & The Energy of Money!© Learn the secrets of maintaining the continuous flow of money energy!

Master Kwai Lan ("Lana") Chan has years of experience in the art of Imperial Feng Shui and is the only female Imperial Feng Shui master in the world. Imperial Feng Shui was once used by the emperors and Lana received her Imperial Feng Shui knowledge at the age of 4 from her father, who learned from generation of masters in the family.

Lana is a certified success coach and a best selling author of Attracting Wealth & The Energy of Money. She has also co-authored the book, Passion with Mark Victor Hansen (bestselling author of Chicken Soup For The Soul), Deepak Chopra (The Seven Spiritual Laws) and Dr. Wayne Dyer (The Power Of Intention).

Some of her other talents include, conducting live seminars and tele-conference seminars on Prosperity & Wealth, Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui and Real Estate and writing articles for magazines. Lana is also a dynamic and inspiring speaker and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. For details, visit her website at:

The location for this special June 18th event is at MARRIOTT HOTEL-LAX, 5855 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, California and additional details can be found at (click on 2005 Seminars). John Joseph Kennedy will also be joined by Adda Shur giving a special presentation on Voice Yoga™ - The Power of Your Voice!© Her website can be found at:

Here is an MP3 link to my interview of John Joseph Kennedy called:

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Blog Called ManifestLife and a Free Book Offer

I want to call your attention to a very interesting, new website and blog called, ManifestLife at where my article called, "Manifest Your Desires Using Natural Hypnosis" was discovered and recently posted. Besides various articles on manifesting, you'll find out how to get a free book called, The Manifesting Mindset: Strategies for Deliberate Attraction & Conscious Living. It looks like there is a free e-Course also and more information coming up soon. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Number 8 and Our Wallets Revisited

8 Image hosted by 8

If you listened to George Noory on Coast to Coast talk radio late last night, his first guest was Glynis McCants, Celebrity Numerologist, who gave more information about placing the number 8 in our wallets to increase money (see my earlier post called, Placing the Number 8 In Your Wallet).

When placing the number 8 into our wallets, Glynis suggests that we make sure our beliefs are in harmony with prosperity and if they are not, we must reprogram ourselves with positive affirmations such as, "I pay my bills with ease" or "I always have money", etc. As a professional numerologist myself, I agree with her completely and have explained this to my clients when they want to add eights into their lives. She also recommends taping the number 8 on the side of our computers to help increase prosperity. Having too many eights, Glynis warns, can cancel out the energy.

By the way, for excellent money affirmations, please review my post called, Using Prosperity Affirmations to Reprogram Ourselves.

Monday, June 13, 2005

A Few Tips for the Natural Hypnosis Exercise

So, how are you doing with this recent natural hypnosis exercise? Feel free to share your experiences!

Here are some tips which have worked successfully for me with this natural hypnosis exercise:

1. During the 5 - 10 minutes, I make sure I'm in a very quiet location, no distractions. I use a timer also.

2. I then bring in all I can to focus totally on the affirmation or statement. Since I'm very visual, I use the visualization process to "see" as vividly as I can, what my affirmation is.

3. While focusing on the affirmation, I add all the details I can using my imagination, like smells, taste, texture, if it applies. This means making it as real as possible.

4. I add feelings of joy and excitement during the whole period. This particular feeling brings what I want into a higher frequency which speeds up the whole process. It also puts me into this high frequency. This is a very important part of any manifesting we do and I'll be writing about this more later.

5. Then I completely forget I even did this exercise. No checking to see if it worked, no wondering if I did it right -- nothing until the next day. I just switch it off and go about my day. This is the "letting go" or the "allowing" part, a very powerful, important step of any manifestation process.

So, how did YOU do with this recent natural hypnosis exercise and what was your experience with this so far?

Image hosted by
I took this pic of the abundance of ivy growing along the side of my home.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Manifest Your Desires in Three Days Using Natural Hypnosis

Yes, that is what Seth tells us we all can easily do using natural hypnosis. He gives a minimum of three days before we start to see evidence of what we want appear in our lives. Some may experience this even sooner. Are you up for this challenge? It really does work!

Below is an article I wrote and published on this topic. If you try this simple but powerful exercise I would love to hear your experiences of how this worked for you!

Manifest Your Desires in Three Days
Using Natural Hypnosis

By Chyrene Pendleton

Seth, the very high level, spiritual teacher and guide channeled several years ago by Jane Roberts, impressed me with his great wisdom and I started applying his exercises and concepts back in the early 1980s. One of the exercises I practiced and loved was his natural hypnosis exercise. Seth explained how we are our best hypnotist. Natural hypnosis is simply giving ourselves our undivided attention. We have mind chatter anyway, repeating words and phrases over and over again, making it part of our belief system and reality. This is natural hypnosis, nothing mystical about it.

Now using natural hypnosis deliberately to manifest what we want is easy to do. We already have much practice doing it unconsciously. Using positive affirmations repeated for a brief period of time is very powerful and works exceptionally well. I've used written and verbal positive affirmations since childhood and I can give numerous examples of how well this works.

Now some of you may be thinking, "I do affirmations all of the time, this isn't anything new!" What's different is the use of a specific period of time - five to ten minutes only - of deliberate focused attention on one affirmation. And forgetting all about it when you are done. It's very concentrated and more powerful than saying or writing affirmations in general.

Seth suggests that we take five to ten minutes each day to focus on one particular statement as vividly as possible. This is a statement or an affirmation we want to see manifest into physical reality. This affirmation must feel comfortable to use -- if it doesn't, change it.
Let's say, for example, you want a new job or career. Your affirmation may be something like, "I now have my ideal job, doing what I love and earning a great income". You may want to insert an actual income figure in your affirmation. Word it so it feels just right.

I did this one several years ago for a particular job I wanted after graduating from college. Although there wasn't an opening at the company I wanted to work for, I did get the job in an unusual way. In the meantime, I easily and quickly attracted another job that was similar which led me to certain people and circumstances. In a brief period of time, I was able to get my foot in the door of the company I wanted to work for originally. By doing this exercise, I set energies in motion which opened doors and attracted opportunities I was not aware of. I didn't worry how it would play out, I just allowed it to happen. It all worked out even better than I expected.

So decide what affirmation you would like to use and begin. Every time your mind tries to wander, bring it right back to your statement or affirmation, repeating it mentally or out loud, over and over again - for only five to ten minutes. Then forget all about it until the next day when you do this exercise again.

What you have just done is focused attention, natural hypnosis. According to Seth, if you do this exactly as mentioned, in at least three days, you will start to see the results of your intentions. Some may see it sooner. Continue doing the exercise regardless and allow the miracles to happen. Seth explains:

"Inner channels must become repatterned. There will be a feel to this that will serve as your own individual guideline. There is no need to continue the practice over ten minutes. In fact, many will find that difficult to do. Spending a longer period of time simply reinforces the idea of problems involved."

I wish everyone great success using natural hypnosis sessions in this way. It really works! For other exercises and techniques by Seth, some of the books I highly recommend by Jane Roberts are Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness and by Lynda Dahl -- Beyond the Winning Streak: Using Conscious Creaton to Consistently Win at Life and Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation.

© 2005 Chyrene Pendleton

Chyrene Pendleton, Metaphysician, Numerologist, Dowser, teaches several workshops on topics including prosperity and abundance, numerology and dowsing. Her articles have been featured in many mainstream and spiritual journals over the years and in her free, online Ezine called, The Isle of Light.

Chyrene is the owner of The Isle of Light Inc., a spiritual, metaphysical online spiritual center dedicated to assisting all to become more empowered and enlightened in a wide variety of ways. She is a certified television show producer and co-produced and hosted The Isle of Light television talk show in Denver, Colorado, which continues to air biweekly. Chyrene is also the producer and host of The Isle of Light Internet radio talk show which airs 24 hours each day at Live365.

Chyrene Pendleton’s websites can be found at:
The Isle Of Light
Internet Radio Talk Show
Prosperity is a State of Mind

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Friday, June 10, 2005

Some Excellent Feng Shui Prosperity Sources

First of all, for those of you not familiar with Feng Shui, it literally means "wind" and "water" and is an ancient Chinese art of placement which gained popularity in the Western world only in recent years. I have used this science successfully for many years now and I know it works very well. Everything around us is energy, and by learning how to flow that energy or ch'i into our environment, we can enhance every area of our lives.

There are numerous Feng Shui books and sources these days but here are some sources I like that I want to share with you.

Kathryn Weber writes what she calls the "Web's largest free weekly feng shui newsletter". If you subscribe, she'll send you as a gift, "16 Feng Shui Secrets for More Prosperity" with tips and information on creating wealth with feng shui. I really do enjoy her tips. I also won a free book from Kathryn last month called, Lillian Too's Smart Feng Shui for the Home: 188 Brilliant Ways to Work With What You've Got.

Check out her website here at:

Kwai Lan Chan, Author, Financial Auditor and Imperial Feng Shui Master is a dynamic speaker and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows. She is the only female Imperial Feng Shui in the world. Kwai Lan Chan has co-authored books with Dr. Wayne Dyer (The Power of Intention), Deepak Chopra (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success) and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul). She will be a co-presenter in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 18th on the topic, "Attracting Wealth & The Energy of Money!© " along with John Joseph Kennedy in his Creativity and Entrepreneurship live seminar. More information can be found in my and on her website at:

Last year, I invited Karen Rauch Carter to be a guest on The Isle of Light Internet radio talk show where she gave some great tips on using Feng Shui for prosperity and much more. Karen is the author of the bestselling book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness.

If you are interested in listening to her expertise and great sense of humor, this show airs continuously on Live365 at The next time it airs will be on Monday at 2 AM, 10 AM and 6 PM EST. In the June 2005 issue of The Isle Of Light newsletter, one of her articles is featured called, "Prosperity Magnetizing Money" where we take a close look at our bathrooms and yes, our toilets!

I like what she says here:

"I like my cures to reflect the opposite of how I would describe the problem - to bring the situation back to balance or center so to speak. If your life feels stuck, oil all hinges, clear stuck clutter, unclog all drains. If you feel dull, sharpen your knives and scissors. If money is too hard to find, make sure your front door is easy to find. If money goes out as quickly as it comes in, seal the leaks with red tape (around outgoing pipes, hose bibs, etc.) See? If you counterbalance the very language you chose to use to describe the problem, you probably just hit the nail on the problem’s head to fix in your house! In other words, listen to your complaints about prosperity and try to find it in your home."

Karen's website can be found at:

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Save Your Winning Lottery Tickets!

At least save the 2 dollar ones. That's what Michael Losier, Law of Attraction Trainer and author, suggests in this question and answer interview called, "Abundance is a Feeling". Once you really get this, you'll find it easier and easier to attract abundance and prosperity into your life.

Abundance is a Feeling

This question and answer interview was done by Kathy Smith, one of Michael's loyal Virtual Assistants. Visit her website.

Q: Michael, many times during your teleclasses and seminars, you say "abundance is a feeling." Can you elaborate on that statement - what do you mean it's a feeling?

First one of the important things that we've come to learn with the Law of Attraction is that we can duplicate feelings. In other words, just through the words I use I can stimulate somebody or discourage them. In short, we can create feelings within ourselves and within others by what we say and what we think.

Abundance is a feeling. Do you ever notice how excited you feel when you know you have a check coming or when you know you're getting an income tax refund? The excitement you're experiencing is the feeling of abundance. We feel abundant knowing that it's coming, even before we put it in the bank. So a question to ask is, "Do I feel abundant knowing that I'm receiving some money or do I feel abundant only when I put it in my bank account?" For most people, they feel abundant knowing that it's coming. It has nothing to do with whether that have it or not.

So because abundance is a feeling, and the Law of Attraction responds to feelings (vibrations), what if we were able to duplicate the vibration of abundance deliberately? (This is what's called Deliberate Attraction). We've come to understand that this powerful force called the Law of Attraction is constantly checking to find a vibration that we're sending and duplicates it by giving us more of the same. So what if when the Law of Attraction is checking at every moment, that in that moment, we are offering the vibration of abundance? Given the formula, the Law of Attraction would duplicate that vibration and bring us more of the same. That's why it's called the Law.

Q: How do you teach people to attract more abundance?

The Law of Attraction does not care why you are offering a vibration. In other words, it does not care whether you are remembering, pretending, complaining, creating, day-dreaming or observing your reality. It obediently duplicates that vibration. So ideally, we would find something that makes us feel abundant and include it more often in our daily vibration. There are a number of tools that people can use to duplicate the vibration of abundance. I'll give you one of them today.

Q: How do you record abundance in your own life?

On my fridge, I have 15 - 2 dollar winning lottery tickets. So I can clearly and truthfully say I won the lottery 15 times last month. I'm a winner. Look how many times I've won! It's worth 30 dollars to me in the bank and it's worth much more to me vibrationally.

You know when people buy those lottery scratch tickets? Most would celebrate the win for 21 seconds. So for 21 seconds, you are offering the vibration of abundance by saying things like, "Hey I just won 2 dollars! I love it when I win scractch tickets!" And after the short offering of abundance vibration, most people cash the ticket in again and again until they lose. And now they catch themselves saying, "I just wasted money on this lottery again. I only ever win 2 dollars. Easy come, easy go." Now they're in a place of offering a negative vibration.

So here's how to take advantage of the 2 dollar winning lottery ticket. Don't cash it. Keep it in your wallet. Put it on your fridge. And as you look at it each time, it will be a brief reminder that you won 2 dollars. Now you can tell yourself, I won the lottery! I won money this week! And now, for more than 21 seconds, you are offering the vibration of abundance over and over and over again. Your 2 dollar winning lottery ticket is worth more to you vibrationally than the 2 dollars.

Michael Losier, a Law of Attraction Trainer and author, supports people in understanding and practicing the Art of Deliberate Attraction, so they can have more of what they want and less of what they don't. Michael has been applying the principles of Law of Attraction for many years and enjoys a wonderful and rewarding life in the city of Victoria, BC, Canada. He facilitates a number of in-person Law of Attraction seminars as well as Teleseminars to a worldwide audience.

For more articles by Michael Losier, Teleclass information or to purchase the book, Law of Attraction, The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't, visit


I interviewed Michael Losier in April of this year on The Isle Of Light Internet radio talk show. Listen now by clicking on this MP3 link:

Monday, June 06, 2005

Connect With the Moon Phases to Manifest Your Desires

Today is the New Moon and it is a very powerful day. I've written several articles over the years on how to use this energy to manifest our desires, including prosperity and abundance. I have reprinted my following article for today. If you desire to connect with this New Moon and forget, the energies of the next two days will still be very strong and in effect.

Connect With the Moon Phases to Manifest Your Desires
by Chyrene Pendleton

Connecting with the Moon phases, the Full and New Moon phases in particular, is something anyone can do very easily. It is all about energy (isn't everything?) and directing the energies in a positive way. In other words, there isn't anything "woo-woo" about using the Full and New Moon energies, in case certain images of running around naked and chanting in the moonlight are coming to mind! As many of us already know, we as humans, the animals and our planet Earth are highly influenced by the Moon in various ways.

Besides regulating the menstrual cycles of females on this planet and the ocean's tides, the Moon phases affect our moods and emotions. Just ask those who work as police officers, doctors and nurses, restaurant owners - any profession working directly with people and they will tell you without a reasonable doubt that something is different with the behavior of people during the Full Moon and New Moon. If the gravitational pull of the Moon is strong enough to cause tides, just imagine how it affects us and we are made up mostly of water.

Many farmers still plant crops according to the Moon's phases and the Farmers’ Almanac has been around for a long time and is considered to be a very reliable and valuable guide by farmers. The Full and New Moon phases have powerful influences and indigenous people around the globe have learned to work with these energies spiritually and scientifically. We too can connect with these energies on each Full Moon and New Moon.

How does this relate to manifesting? On these Moon phases, we can use these very strong energies to set our intentions and desires. Everything we want to achieve over the next month (and beyond) we can put out to the Universe. Of course, this can be done at any time but since these more powerful energies are freely available to all of us, it only makes sense to use them to our advantage. On these days, we can use Moon to assist us in manifesting what we want to appear in our lives.

Getting Started
1. On a Full or New Moon, clear the energy in the room by using a smudge stick or essential oils (something calming such as lavender). Both of these can be found in many health food stores and online. Your favorite incense will work very well also. Set the mood with a candle or two and perhaps music, if desired and get comfortable.

2. Write the date at the top of a sheet of paper and make a list of all of your intentions and desires - everything you want to see made manifest in your life.

3. When you are finished, you may want to add the words, "May these intentions and desires manifest for the Highest good of all" at the top or bottom of your paper. If you choose to, you may also add one or more spiritual names you are personally drawn to at the top or bottom of your list. For example, the names of Jesus, Buddha, various saints, Ascended Masters, angels, guides - spiritual names of those who fit in with your belief system can be written on your list for additional spiritual energies.

4. Keep this list very private and close to you, in your wallet or purse, for example.

5. Read this list each day just before going to sleep and first thing upon awakening. Then forget about it. This is the most important part, the letting go of your intentions and desires. Checking for signs to see if your desires have happened yet is exactly like planting a seed and digging it up everyday to see if it has started to grow. This slows down the process considerably and can bring it to a halt. Rather than worry about whether it's working, just let it go. God, the Universe, All-That-Is will handle the rest.

Michael Losier, author of Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't, defines letting go as the removal of all doubt. For more information about letting go and the Law of Attraction, visit his website at:

Where To Find Dates of Moon Phases
There are many sources of moon phases on the Internet as well as the Farmers' Almanac. Information can be found at:

Another good source is the U.S. Naval Observatory at:

In the Mayl issue of The Isle of Light free, online newsletter (and in every issue), you'll also find the moon phase dates at:

As your intentions and desires manifest, and they will, remember to cross them off of your list! Again, this very powerful and fun exercise can be done on each Full and New Moon.

As Featured On Ezine Articles


Note: As I mentioned, if you forget to do this and still desire to, the two days following the New and Full Moon energies will still be very strong and in effect.

The Isle Of Light
The Isle Of Light Internet Radio Talk Show

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Feng Shui Expert Speaks on Tithing

Earlier last year on The Isle Of Light Internet radio talk show, I interviewed Karen Rauch Carter, Feng Shui consultant and author of the national best-selling book called, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness. The interview topic is called, "Understanding and Enjoying Feng Shui" and Karen shares tips and advice on using Feng Shui for all areas of our lives, including prosperity. If you are interested in listening, this show airs this week on Tuesday June 7 at 5 AM, 1 PM and 9 PM EST and Friday June 10 at 4 AM, noon and 10 PM EST on The Isle Of Light. This show will air for a while since I continue to receive great feedback on it and always have a growing number of listeners.

Here is what Karen had to say recently about tithing, something I've practiced most of my adult life. By the way, what feelings come up right now when you think about tithing?

"Here are my most current ideas on abundance. I do have to say, the old "give to receive" plan is a good one. I have been tithing for quite some time now, and never before have I NOT worried about money like I have not during this time! It REALLY works! Tithing, if you don’t know, is giving 10% of your gross income away - some say, so whomever "feeds you spiritually." Oprah gives 10% of all her income away. If she’s not the poster child of tithing, I don’t know who is!

If this sounds "too religious" to you, or you come up with some reason why you can’t tithe, what I’d say to you is that you are currently suffering from the illusion that your job is your source of income. It’s not. The universe is your source! If you don’t get it, you don’t get feng shui either, because it takes faith that feng shui works or you wouldn’t do it. It is that same faith that can get you more money!

So, whatever "your story" is about why you cannot tithe is the very reason that is stopping you from getting the cash you want! I am giving you a time-tested secret to get you to a prosperous life. I’ve got nothing to gain by offering this just try it! Is it a head trip to give away 10% of your income? Oh yea, it’ll push buttons....the buttons that will free up your money flow if you play the game!

Does it have to be 10%? Yes. Hey, I didn’t make the universal energy rules. Just keep thinking Oprah."

Read more about what Karen has to say about prosperity and Feng Shui, especially regarding our bathrooms (very important), in the upcoming June, 2005 online issue of The Isle of Light at or on her website at

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Law of Attraction: Step #1: Identify What You Don't Want

Through her assistant, Esateys (a wonderful author), I met a very interesting woman last year by the name of Lynn Grabhorn, best known for her New York Times bestselling book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. If you haven't read this book and are serious about learning how to create what you want in life, I strongly recommend it.

I invited Lynn to be a guest on my Internet radio show, The Isle Of Light to discuss this book as well as her recent book released last year called Planet Two, but she politely declined. Within a few days, she passed away. She left behind a letter to all which can be found on her website at:

Before she passed over, I was able to get permission to reprint some of her words of wisdom and she had so much to share with us. Here is one excerpt by Lynn Grabhorn:

The Law of Attraction
Step #1: Identify What You Don't Want
But what does "feeling bad" really mean? It can mean anything from no feeling at all to despondence and everything in between. And with every Don't Want you focus on, you are flowing more closed valve, negative energy out to attract more of the same. Felling bad is what we do all day long and think it's normal. Feeling bad is what humanity does. Feeling bad is living with constant focus on Don't Wants.

ANY negative focus is a Don't Want

Until we can feel the difference between a Want and a Don't Want,
we're flying blind, creating by chance rather than choice.
Or put another way, flow bummer feelings, get bummer results.

How does something make you feel when you talk about it? Warm fuzzies? Happy? Tickled? Upbeat? If not, your valve is closed an dyou're magnetizing everything into your life except the things you want. The universe only responds to what we're flowing out, not what we're wishing for. And the only way we can know for sure how we're flowing is by how we're feeling while we're thinking about something. Feel good? It's on its way! Feel bad? It's on its way. No feeling at all? Then no movement at all.

What we're thinking/feeeeling, and what we're getting is always a match. Always. It's the first law of physics: like attracts like. Flow it out, get it back! [excerpt from the "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" Playbook by Lynn Grabhorn]

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Creating a Magic Wheel or Treasure Map

This is something I would like each of you to try, just for fun. I mentioned it in one of my articles called, "Creating Money, Prosperity and Abundance Now". I call it the "Magic Wheel" although others have different names for the same thing, such as a Treasure Map. I've practiced this most of my life and I'm here to tell you that it is fun, powerful and it works.

This is as easy as making a collage only of what you want to see appear in your life. Choose pictures (you can draw them also) that create good feelings when you look at them each day.

This is as easy as making a collage only of what you want to see appear in your life. Choose pictures (you can draw them also) that create good feelings when you look at them each day.

For example, about ten years ago, my car finally died out (it was old) and I had to have another one soon since I worked in a location not accessible by public transportation. By this time I had much experience with this Magic Wheel or Treasure Map and worked quickly to create a collage of picture of my ideal car. I loved Honda Accords and wanted it in blue, one of my favorite colors. I had a specific year and model in mind also (I didn't want a brand new car). So I bought and found some automobile magazines and started cutting out color pictures of the exact car I wanted, which took me about an hour or so before I was satisfied and feeling good about my collage.

I looked at it each morning and evening before I went to bed. I also visualized myself driving it, making it as real as possible. During this time, I was able to get a ride to work but had to take a taxicab home, not good. I trusted the Universe though and before the week was over,I saw my ideal car parked in front of a home in my neighborhood with a for sale sign in the window! I was walking that day down a street I usually don't take and there it was! I almost ran to the door and fortunately the owner was home. I did a quick test drive and bought the car (later my mechanic checked it out - it was just fine) on the spot.

I have numerous examples like this. If you have any questions or comments of your experiences with the Magic Wheel please share!

Creating Money, Prosperity and Abundance Now
by Chyrene Pendleton

Manifesting Tool #2

The Magic Wheel
As a teenager, I started to create what I call a "Magic Wheel", learning from people like Catherine Ponder, author of Opening Your Mind To Prosperity, who calls it the "Wheel of Fortune".

In the years since, I've learned other names from different sources, such as the "Prosperity Wheel", but the main thing is that this is another powerful tool that works for everyone. The Magic Wheel works like the Magic List, except that you are creating pictures of your desires instead of writing them down. Your subconscious communicates to you in pictures and symbols all of the time, mainly through your dreams. Why not communicate directly to your subconscious in pictures? You do so, anyway, with your imagination. This is yet another very powerful way to manifest what you want in a short period of time.

1. First, buy some large poster boards in the colors that appeal to you. For example, if you are working specifically on creating wealth, prosperity, or a new job, you may want to select green poster paper. Gold will work well for this, also. Visually, the subconscious will associate green or gold with money. Remember that color is vibration and energy, also, and what we are doing is working and playing with energy. If you are working on love and romance, for instance, you may want to select a pink shade of poster board. Use whatever color you personally resonate to for what you want to achieve.

2. Cut the poster board(s) into large circles.

3. Search through magazines, brochures and ads and look for pictures, specifically color pictures, of what you desire. The subconscious will more quickly respond to color than to black and white pictures. Then cut them out and paste or tape them to your wheel.

4. I've taught people to use different wheels for different kinds of desires. For example, you'll want the love and romance wheel to only have pictures that represent love and romance to you, such as hearts, pictures of couples, etc. Put pictures representing prosperity and money, or your ideal job or life's work, on your prosperity wheel. You may want to cut out pictures of money in the denominations you want and place them on your wheel. A picture of your new career will show your subconscious exactly what you want.
You can have many wheels, just be sure not to clutter them with your pictures or you'll attract cluttered results. And make sure the pictures you place on your wheel are exactly what you want to see manifest in your life.

5. Once you have completed each wheel, put something on it that represents your spiritual connection, such as a picture of an Ascended Master that you resonate to, pictures of angels, etc. This doesn't have to be a picture; it could be a solid object, like crystals or a cross, for example. In my Native American spirituality class, we learned to also add something that represented our personal totems to our wheels. By adding something that represents your concept of spirituality, you add power, energy and protection to your wheel.
You may want to place a picture of yourself on each wheel, also, so that your subconscious can see you associated with the pictures you wish to materialize. However, your subconscious will get the message very clearly with or without your picture.

6. Look at your Magic Wheel every day, especially when you first wake up and before you go to sleep. And again, you don't want to share your wheel with others. As Catherine Ponder says, "what is sacred is secret".