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Monday, February 19, 2007

"The Secret" Free Online Course

A free, online course is now being offered featuring seven stars from The Secret. To sign in, click here.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Moon Meditation For Today, February 17th

The New Moon Cetacean Meditation begins at 6:00 PM your local time on Saturday, February 17, 2007.The New Moon (and the Full Moon) energy is a powerful one and is always an important time to state and manifest your intentions.

One way to do this is by actually writing a list on this day of everything you desire to manifest in your life. The New Moon energies are also strong and effective during the two days before and after February 17th.

During this global meditation let us join and "dedicate ten (10) minutes to meditate upon the Cetaceans (whales and dolphins), to acknowledge their service to humanity and to Earth, and to send them our love energy so that they can at last feel the connection with their brothers and sisters on land."

Using the galactic calendar, we can also focus on the k'in or day during the New Moon Cetacean meditation (and every day) as well as the message for the galactic month, allowing us to flow with Mother Earth and experience galactic time. The Mayans knew how to consciously create or manifest their desires and their calendar is used to assist in this process. They were Masters with the law of attraction. The galactic calendar is about creation or manifestation, from the beginning of the journey to the end. Then it repeats in another cycle. It is a guide to conscious creation.

On this day of 13 Lamat, 6 Zac, 2 Ik (February 17, 2007), the main energies are "Transcendence" (13) and "Divine Beauty" (Lamat). For this meditation, the direction is South and the musical tone is "C (next octave)". In Mayan, Lamat represents the "Yellow Star" or the "Way Shower" and "creates elegance and beauty through art" and "harmony with the universe". It is celestial. Yellow ripens or mature's one's intentions and desires and is a very important part of manifesting. It is about letting go and allowing.

Toning in the musical note of this higher "C" will connect you to higher spiritual planes before starting your meditation. It is the area beyond your crown chakra (your aura) and represents the stars.

Lamat looks like a beautiful yellow star and defines creative expression and beauty. By letting go (Yellow) and allowing your intentions to manifest into the physical, you can also take the time to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of what you are accomplishing. Also do something creative and artistic today to really tune into this energy. Express yourself beautifully in any way you choose.

Thirteen is a very powerful number and "mirrors the manifestation of all things in the physical." Thirteen is also a cycle (also called a "wavespell", and has the power of moving beyond or "Transcendence". Use 13 in your meditation today for added power. Toning on the higher "C", focusing on the 13 of Transcendence and the Yellow Star or Divine Beauty of Lamat, you can easily move into these higher dimensions or spiritual planes. During this meditation, we place our attention on the energies of Yellow, Transcendence, Divine Beauty, this galactic month of Zac and this galactic year of 2 Ik.

Also, understand that the Cetaceans are always eager to telepathically communicate with you and that you can connect with them during your meditation or at any time. They will assist you in bringing love, joy, inspiration, healing and balance into your life. They are the caretakers of our planet Earth, protecting the biosphere. Tune in to the Cetaceans, sending them Love energy and thanking them for their service.

For more detailed information about galactic time and how to use the galactic calendar, you can order the book, Your First Contact by Sheldan Nidle at: The Galactic Calendar of the year 2 Ik (July 26, 2006 - July 25, 2007) is available for ordering at Using this calendar daily will assist you spiritually in many ways as you move into the higher frequencies and your new reality. Instructions are provided in the galactic calendar.

Dianne Robbins channels the Cetaceans and is the author of The Call Goes Out - Messages from the Earth's Cetaceans, T E L O S and her latest book, Messages from the Hollow Earth. More information about this can be found at:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reflections on "The Secret", the Law of Attraction and the Mainstream

by Chyrene Pendleton

It's so interesting to me to read and hear the recent feedback about the film, "The Secret" from various sources, especially since it was discussed on The Oprah Winfrey Show in February, 2007. This topic sparks criticism and self-righteousness in some, anger and debate in others as well as excitement, anticipation and joy in many. The good news is that it's all good.

What's most important is that people are actually talking about "The Secret" and having serious and fun discussions about the Law of Attraction everywhere, including in spiritual groups, chat rooms and forums on the Internet. The practice of it is creating a major movement, perfect for this time in history. This movement will certainly help raise the consciousness of humanity and assist in accelerating all through the global transformation and shift we are currently going through.

Some argue that the Law of Attraction has always existed and that this concept isn't anything new. That is so true. What is new is how the recent re-introduction of this knowledge is activating people to do something about it now, whether it is to argue about these principals or actually decide to consciously use the Law of Attraction to create the exact life and world they want to live in.

The reason it's called, "The Secret" is because the deliberate practice of the Law of Attraction has been away from the public eye for thousands of years. It has not been taught in public schools and certainly not in Christian churches (although this may soon change), even though the principals are in the Bible.

Those who actively practice the Law of Attraction in their lives, are not surprised at all about this information but are pleased that it is "out in the open", so to speak. I have written several articles over the years about my personal experiences using this universal law and I'm very happy to know this topic is now mainstream. I also wrote a movie review of "The Secret" which can be found in the September, 2006 issue of The Isle Of Light newsletter .

It's important to remember that the Law of Attraction works throughout the universe. It is a spiritual as well as a scientific law. For those new to the Law of Attraction, it basically means,

"like attracts like"

"you reap what you sow"

"you get what you focus on, whether negative or positive"

The Law of Attraction is not a belief system--it works in our lives whether we believe in it or not. Some questions one might reflect on are:

What kind of world would we have if people everywhere were consciously creating,or manifesting exactly the kind of life they want to live and everything in it?

Would our political, economic, religious and educational systems change? If so, how?

What would change in your life?

I applaud the producer of "The Secret", Rhonda Byrne and all of the cast who were obviously inspired to create this film at this crucial time in history. I applaud Oprah for presenting this ancient knowledge to millions of viewers in 2007. She too was inspired when she agreed to do this. "The Secret" can be found and viewed by visiting:

Also, I applaud all who have been teaching the Law of Attraction all along, even decades before "The Secret" came out, such as Esther and Jerry Hicks with the Abraham teachings, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer with Orin and DaBen, Jane Roberts with Seth, and the many, many Divinely inspired authors, teachers and speakers who preceded them for thousands of years. Now is the time to start actively using the Law of Attraction principles, if you're not doing so already!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today is the 5th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY

FEB. 14, 2007
"The Sound Heard Around the World"
Sounding an "AH" for planetary peace!
WHAT: World Sound Healing Day—The Sound Heard Around the World. For five minutes, sound healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all humanity and sentient consciousness will send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heart sound "AH" filled with the intention of Peace and Love! (visit: to for more information on this event and to download an "AH" sound you can tone along with)

WHEN: February 14, 2007, join Jonathan Goldman, the Sound Healers Association and thousands of people throughout the planet as they tone an "AH" together for five minutes during that day, projecting the energy of Light & Love throughout the Planet. You will actually experience generating a field of transformational energy as this occurs. We have found that creating a Global Sacred Sound any time within a 24 hour period on the planet will create a coherent waveform that will affect the entire Earth. Therefore, any time you feel guided to sound for Planetary Peace on February 14th is a good time! In addition, local toning groups will be occurring throughout the Earth at various times during that day with the intention of assisting planetary consciousness through sound. There will also be several global toning events occurring via the Internet during that day, including at noon Eastern Time on and at 9 PM ET on

WHY: To project peace throughout the planet. What better way to celebrate this joyous day of Valentine’s Day then to project Peace to Mother Earth and generate peaceful energy throughout the planet with sound! Sound coupled with intention has the ability to heal and transform. We will sound an "AH" sending a heart wave of Sound that will resonate throughout the planet. Now is the time for you to be part of the Celestial Choir and resonate together for World Sound Healing Day. We can create major positive shifts on our beloved planet. Through sounding together we will make a difference.

HOW: Sound the heart sound "AH" for 5 minutes We will simply sound an "AH" filled with the intention of Peace and Love for 5 minutes at your local noon time. The "AH" is a universal, non-denominational heart sound that when projected with focused energy is extremely powerful and effective. For more information which you may find useful, please visit this link: There you will find a "Planetary Healing Sounds" section with articles on suggested sounds, visualizations and toning techniques as well as as well an "AH" sound you can download and tone along with.

AND: Pass this message on. If it’s appropriate, forward this announcement about this event to your mailing list. Tell your friends and loved ones to join our Celestial Choir and help bring peace to the planet. There will be sound healing events throughout the world. Previous World Sound Healing Days were extraordinarily successful. We truly made a difference to the planet with our Sound, our Light and Our Love.

CO-CREATED BY: Co-creators and Supporters of World Sound Healing Day are truly too numerous to list. The following are only a very small portion of the people whose support assisted previous World Sound Healing Days:

Jonathan Goldman, Andi Goldman, Alec Sims, the Sound Healers Association, Kitaro, Gregg Braden, Tom Kenyon, Barbara Wolf, Ven. Lama Tashi, Don Campbell, Kimba Arem, Jeff Thompson, Christian Bollman, James Twyman, Steven Halpern, Annaliese Kohinoor, John Reid, Sarah Benson, Iasos, Paul Utz, Sharon Shane, Fabien Maman, Joy Gardner, John Beaulieu, Laraaji, Jill Purce, Jim Albani, Andrzej and Mira Boryna, Gabrielle Laden, Vlastimil Marek, Solara, Tim Wheater, Joshua Leeds, Vickie Dodd, Kenji, Dean Evenson, Christine Noel, Jim Powell, Patrick Bernhard, Beth Wortzel, James D'Angelo, Dr. Charles Eagle, Lyz Cooper, John French, Emily Simko, The Star Doves, Joshua Leeds, Peggy Black, the International Sound Healing Conferences, Nestor Kornblum, Lauren Monroe, Rick Allen, , the Message Company, Dr. John Galm, Carolyn Vinup, Yalaha Foundation, Michael Baird. Laurelle Gaia David Gibson and Globe Institute, Jeff Volk, Laura Lee Mistycah, Gene Jones, all attendees of the Healing Sounds Intensives, Amrita Cottrell and the Healing Music Organization, Dr. Alice Cash, Jeff Volk, Mandara Cromwell, International Sound Therapists, Dan Furst, Amy Robbins, Jayson Stilwell, Swami Brahmananda, Reb. Zalman, Rev. Fred Sterling/ Kirael, Tanya Jackson, Zacciah Blackburn, the All One Now Network and the World Sound Healers, Solstice Institute & many thousands more throughout the planet! Last year's World Sound Healing Day was a tremendous success, creating powerful positive vibrational shifts for the planet. Please join us again in the co-creation of this event, projecting Light and Love through Sound and help make a difference!

Toll Free: (800) 246-9764 Fax: (303) 443-6023International: (303) 443-8181P.O. Box 2240 Boulder, CO 80306Copyright © 1992-2007 Spirit Music

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Secret Airs on Oprah Thursday, February 8th

Chyrene Pendleton...
A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne,
Executive Producer of The Secret.
I am thrilled to announce that The Secret is being featured onThe Oprah Winfrey Show broadcasting across the United States this coming Thursday February 8th. This very special show dedicated entirely to The Secret will then reach the rest of the world over the
coming weeks!
Appearing with Oprah are Michael Beckwith,
Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, James Ray and myself.
All of us at The Secret would like to express
our deep appreciation and gratitude to Oprah Winfrey and all of her
staff for embracing and sharing The Secret in this special show that
will touch millions of lives.
The Secret... bringing joy to the world
Rhonda Byrne and The Secret Scrolls Team.