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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creating Wealth Chi: Energizing Your Home With Wealth Symbols by Kathryn Weber

Creating Wealth Chi
Energizing your home with wealth symbols
by Kathryn Weber

Our homes, like our dreams, speak in symbols. The art, the symbols, shapes, and colors we surround ourselves with at home tells a story of our lives. Mine speaks to a love of travel and does so in the artwork that I've collected from around the world. It's important that we place objects and items in our house that inspire and motivate us. We need items that make us feel good and help us move forward in life and lift up our energy. Clutter has way of pressing down that energy. When we fill our homes with excess stuff we have to ask ourselves what is it we are avoiding. Open space can be intimidating and clutter fills space. Keeping excess stuff, especially collections, puts distance between us and our feelings or keeps us from intimate relationships because things can quickly and rapidly take the place of people -- and even keep us from ourselves. In the process of removing the excess stuff in your life, you don't just find space, you'll find yourself. It's good feng shui to use auspicious symbols and enhancers around your home or office. This is a great way to lift the energy of your home and your life. But you must have the space for it first. If you place a beautiful symbol in your home in the midst of clutter and excess, you will miss the effect and the ability of the symbol to work its magic for you.

As I write this, I am sitting on the balcony of my home. What strikes me is that the garden beyond my balcony is a mix of open spaces and gardens, with broad lawns and curving gardens that allow energy to gather and flow. The waterfall flows and water gurgles in the pool. It's because of the open, neat, and restrained landscape that the cascading water of the pool becomes more prominent. When you clear the excess from your home, any symbols and beautiful elements you place there will become not only more noticeable but more potent in your life.

Add symbols for wealth and prosperity around your home and garden. When your whole space is energized, it becomes magnetic to wealth.

Use these 6 ideas for your home.

1. Add a water source. Water is vital for attracting and stimulating wealth. Even a simple urn with a pump can bring beautiful, positive "sheng chi" -- the kind of chi that attracts prosperity to a home. (Psst...You can see two of my water enhancers in my blog.)

2. Look for symbols to add to your entrance. My own front door has a mat that evokes the mystic knot -- a symbol of enduring love, wealth and abundant opportunities. This simple mat was bought at Lowe's for $10 -- but the opportunities it's brought have been worth much, much more!

3. Use Chinese coins. These are the round coins with the square hole in the middle and Chinese script on one side. Place these coins in your business or money files, tape them to a phone and carry them in your purse or wallet. Place an auspicious number of coins under your mattress to stimulate wealth and let you sleep on top of wealth energy! Use your imagination to use these, just make sure you put the Chinese script side up...not the underside... and tie them with red ribbon to "activate" them.

4. Place water symbols prominently. Water equals wealth. You've heard me say that over and over. Place pictures of water, ships, and fish in important areas. Avoid placing any water elements in bedrooms, though. Pictures of sailing ships at the entrance to your office or home (with the ships appearing to sail into the room) are especially good harbingers of good career and money news!

5. Dress up. That's right. Look like you're wealthy. Dressing in a more elegant and refined way gets you better treatment at stores, airports, hotels, restaurants -- and treated like a person of prominence. Start being -- and looking -- like what you aspire to! Here's the great thing --- you just have to look the part. You don't have to spend a wad on designer duds. As long as your look says "prosperous" that's all that matters.

6. Tap the phoenix. The phoenix bird brings wonderful opportunities as it is the "God of the Four Winds." The phoenix will magnify your potential for success and draw others to you who can see your magnificence -- and that attracts prosperity. Place the phoenix or other beautiful bird (rooster, peacock) on the south corner of your desk or in your office or living room, or place a small boulder out in front of your house to resemble a footstool -- this taps the phoenix celestial guardian of your home and raises your good name and brings more opportunities to you. © K Weber Communications LLC 2002-2008

Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in traditional Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more health, wealth and happiness with feng shui. For more information and to listen to her popular and FREE "Jump Start Your Life with Feng Shui" AudioClass visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can change your luck STARTING TODAY.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Galactic New Year of 4 EB!

Galactic Calendar of the Year 4EB
July 26, 2008 - July 25, 2009
(Gregorian dates are also included for easy reference.)

The color cover depicting a crab nebula burning bright in the deep space (symbolizing our core beliefs) and two space ships wondering which star to pursue (symbolizing our choices) inspires the questions, “What are my core beliefs? How can I use my free will to achieve the life I choose to live?”

Dear Friends,
According to the Mayans, July 26, 2008 is the first day of the Mayan/Galactic year.

At dawn today, "the star Sirius was seen above the Pyramid of the Serpent in Chichen Itza, acting as the divine welcomer of Lord Sun. This act symbolizes the birth of our galactic culture in the lost lands of Lemuria and the start given by many celestial Beings to the destroyed cultures of Earth after Atlantis' destruction. July 26th also represents Sirius' encounter with the rising Sun over Mount Haleakala ('the House of the Sun') on Maui..."

As of today, we are entering the year of 4 EB. "4" represents "Definition" and EB represents "Divine free will". EB is the human. This is the year to define who you are and your connection to reality.

Using the Galactic Calendar daily helps you spiritually in many ways as you move into the higher frequencies and into the new reality. It is now available for ordering at The Planetary Activation Organization by visiting:

Wishing all of you a very happy, prosperous, galactic New Year!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Creating Wealthy Habits to Manifest Prosperity by Kathryn Weber

Creating Wealthy Habits to Manifest Prosperity
6 Key Habits that Magnetize Your Wealth Energy
by Kathryn Weber

There's a saying that success is just the accumulation of good habits. It’s true. The more you do to help yourself and to be successful, the more successful – and prosperous – you’ll become. Success and the wealth and acclaim that comes with it isn’t as much a secret as much as it is a habit.

Having a happy home life, successful career, ability to go and buy what you like when you want it, this brings happiness is true wealth. There are many people who have money, but lack wealth. Recently, my husband and I are shopping for a new home. The houses are beautiful, but there is little furniture, or what’s there is of poor quality. It’s as though the owner's money went into the homes, but there was no money to furnish the beautiful home with beautiful belongings. Is that a wealthy homeowner? No.

That’s the paradox of wealth. Having money (or a big house or a nice car) doesn’t mean you are wealthy any more than breathing makes you healthy. Having real wealth is about having a beautiful home, but also the ability to furnish it beautifully. Real wealth means you may have a wonderful car and beautiful home – but you also have accumulated wealth. Accumulated wealth brings security, comfort, and is relaxing.

But bringing money into your life requires healthy wealth habits to help maintain it. I see clients often who say they have plenty of money coming in when I ask them how their financial status is, yet their homes are like leaking ships – and I wonder how long they will stay afloat. You may be at the point in this program that you are thinking you have too much feng shui to do!

I promise you, though, that if you will work at it and build on it, the feng shui you have built will gain momentum and will increase with time -- and accumulate. My goal is to help you to develop true wealth – the kind that helps you to relax, feel confident and secure – and have fun with it, too!

If you've read the passage "Paradox of Our Age" by the Dalai Lama, you'll understand the wealth energy that I am trying to impart to you. It's about true wealth; not just money. Real wealth is the abundant, accumulated resource that's there for you to use as you wish when you wish, and that keeps your family and security safeguarded. Money is easy, but simple money can become meaningless when it is only money and not wealth. Creating wealthy habits will have the effect of lifting your personal energy – and that is a powerful attractant to real wealth.

1. Repair broken energy. Broken energy comes from, well, broken things. When your door scrapes against the threshold, it imbues your home with negative, irrigating energy. If your dishes are chipped, you are eating off of broken energy. This drains positive wealth energy and makes your house drained and more yin. Our houses must be energized and broken things bring the energy level down -- and that affects our prosperity. Keep your clothes, your home, your car and your doors in good working order. What's broken that is draining your energy?

2. Putting wealth in, not just out. Too often in our lives, we become accustomed to money flowing in and out of our lives -- and not accumulating. The money comes in, the bills get paid, and the money flows right back out again. Energizing your home and life for wealth means putting energy INTO it. This includes making deposits into your accounts. Get into the habit of putting money in instead of just paying out. This energy builds over time -- and so does your bank account. And you'd be surprised how that will make you feel.Do you have a retirement or savings account? If so, set up automatic weekly or monthly withdrawals. Or, join Bank of America's program that rounds off purchases to the nearest dollar and puts the extra amount into a savings account. Do you buy a large Diet Coke or coffee every day? Stop and then put that money into a piggy bank. A $1.50 drink each day amounts to $547 at the end of a year! Are you drinking $500's worth of diet sodas? What's important is that you see yourself as ACCUMULATING money, not just being a pass-thru for it.

3. Energize your home. Keep your home energized with fresh paint, lush landscaping. Just like an employer matching your 401K, match your home with an investment in beautifying and updating your surroundings. Unlike a car, money put into a home will be an investment that will pay you back in energy -- and if you sell it -- in dollars. More importantly, by energizing your home, you magnetize your home for wealth energy. Landscaping is a very important ingredient because it brings vital dragon energy to the home. Lush flowers, trees and plants are healthy and invigorating and lift the energy of the house.

4. Energize your image. Many times when someone doesn’t feel good or like they look good, they have a stuffed closet. A closet that's rammed with shoes and clothes that are outdated will cause you to feel outdated too! If you are ready to “look the part” of a wealthy, happy and abundantly prosperous person, turn to your closet to get rid of the clothing that no longer suits you or is part of an outdated image.If you have weight to lose, this could be even more important for you! Pare down your closet – including those articles of clothing that you used to fit it but haven’t in a long time. Wealth energy means moving energy and when you are stuck in an old look and outdated image, this can stop the energy flowing to you.

5. Energize your finances. Get a red wallet and checkbook, put your investment and banking account information and statements in red folders, write checks in red ink. Put bills into blue or black folders so they aren't energized. Have a small basket to hold bills -- and keep it small so your bills stay small. Clean out and organize your financial files and your purse or wallet. Streamline your credit cards so that you don't have too many, limiting them to three or less. Add grains of sea salt to your wallet to "draw" money, just like sea water will draw soreness away from achey muscles!

6. Believe. Do you believe you can be wealthy and prosperous? Do you think you deserve it? Do you really FEEL that way or are you just intellectualizing it? It's so important that you believe you are worthy of being a prosperous person, someone who doesn't just make a living, but makes a life with the money you earn. Observe your thoughts about wealth and money and see if it's really not you who is standing in the way of money. Lillian Too always said that you must believe you deserve abundance before abundance will make its way to you. Spend time thinking about your thoughts about money and wealth and ask yourself, what could you do today, right now, that could change your financial picture?

© K Weber Communications LLC 2002-2008

Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in traditional Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more health, wealth and happiness with feng shui. For more information and to listen to her popular and FREE "Jump Start Your Life with Feng Shui" AudioClass visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can change your luck STARTING TODAY.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Abraham and "I Can Always Tell a Different Financial Abundance Story. . ."

I Can Always Tell a Different Financial Abundance Story. . .

What anyone else has or does not have has nothing to do with you. The only thing that affects your experience is the way you utilize the Non-Physical Energy with your thought. Your abundance or lack of it in your experience has nothing to do with what anybody else is doing or having. It has only to do with your perspective. It has only to do with your offering of thought. If you want your fortunes to shift, you have to begin telling a different story.
--- Abraham

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Compounding Wealth: 8 Ways to Build Greater Wealth and Prosperity by Kathryn Weber

Compounding Wealth
8 Ways to Build Greater Wealth and Prosperity
By Kathryn Weber
Publisher, The Red Lotus Letter

When you’re ready to create positive change in your financial life, it’s helpful to use the rule of nine. The rule of nine means making nine different changes with the intent to create movement and energy in a particular area.
By building on different areas of energy in feng shui with the intent to create greater prosperity, you'll be compounding your money chi – and that will compound your wealth. Follow these nine steps to help you unstick your personal blockages to wealth and help you energize your home for prosperity and your life for greater abundance and security.

1. Get support.
Having support is critical to monetary success. If your home has ground that slopes down or away from the back of your house, it’s difficult to accumulate wealth and the going is very hard with many struggles. Every home benefits from Black Turtle support. If your house has no higher ground behind, consider making a mound of dirt to create turtle support behind you or add a picture of a turtle or tortoise in the north corner of your home. Lastly, you can also add a figure of a turtle in the north corner of the living room.

2. Protect the breadwinner.
Whoever earns the money, earns the respect of protection. Money – and those who earn it – must be respected and supported. When there is little regard for the person who earns the money and keeps the household going, there is little energy for growth. Although we are a modern society, it doesn't mean everyone in the household is subservient to the breadwinner. It means, though, there is a regard and appreciation for the money that the breadwinner – man or woman – makes. When the appreciation is shown, it will help the breadwinner to move ahead and grow even more prosperous – and that helps everyone in the family.

3. Strengthen the woman.
Even though men are often the breadwinners in the household, the woman’s position must also be protected. This is especially true if she’s the breadwinner. Be sure to enhance and activate the southwest corner to keep the woman safe, enhanced and cherished. This includes activating the house so that the woman will earn more money, too. The southwest is the indirect spirit direction and it’s enhanced by water. Place a beautiful urn, pond, or waterfall in the southwest corner of the garden to help the woman of the household move ahead financially. In 2008, this is especially helpful as women are more likely to undergo surgeries, re-think their lives and head in new directions, or strip away unnecessary burdens. The water will help to soothe them and create prosperity energy, too.

4. Fortify the front.Make sure that you pay particular attention to the front of your house. A home with tidy plantings, pretty flowers, attractive door, and harmonized entry will inspire wealth and opportunity chi to enter the house. Make the entrance harmonized with the direction of the front door so that you'll bring wealth into the house.
A black door is very auspicious for east, southeast, southwest, and north doors. Use purple for the northeast, west, northwest or southwest. Avoid hanging windchimes at the front of the house unless there is a poison arrow aimed at the house. Otherwise, the chimes will direct energy away from the house. If it’s been a while since you’ve made any changes at the front of your house, consider re-energizing it with a black door mat, some new plantings, or a fresh coat of paint on the door.

5. Safeguard your wealth.
Feng shui wealth enhancement covers many types of wealth and income. There are different types of money, such as generating money and accumulated money. Feng shui incorporates both types of wealth. Too often people focus simply on generating money but pay little, if any, attention to accumulated wealth.

Most Chinese families have a rice urn that they keep filled. This represents safeguarded wealth. Safeguarded wealth is accumulated money that you never, ever touch. It is reinforced by regular contributions. Yes, your dad’s advice to save regularly was good feng shui. Even a small amount applied over time can become significant. Do you have a retirement savings or other safeguarded wealth? If not, start one and create a place for yourself where you have money that you never touch. Just knowing it's there becomes symbolic support for you. In my own life, I have several retirement plans and two wealth vases. These are wonderful activators for wealth safeguarding to have in your home. Build them as you find the ingredients and keep them away from the eyes of others. This will symbolically enhance more accumulated wealth in your life.

6. Activate yourself.
Feng shui is also about man luck – the kind of luck you create. By making simple changes to yourself, you’ll see a difference in how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Are you fond of wearing black all the time? Why not switch to a lighter, brighter color? Try wearing your Kua number success color for a week – or better still the color that makes it using five element theory.
For example, my kua number is 4 and my success color is black, the color of water. What makes water? Metal. The colors associated with metal are white, gray, gold and silver. So, I’ll often wear white with big, chunky silver or gold jewelry to important meetings and social occasions.

Another change is your handwriting. I know several entrepreneurs and I observe their signatures. One has a very compressed, tight signature. That means money is tight, too – and that she’s uptight. This person suffers from stress headaches. The other has a very loopy, open signature and money comes effortlessly on the “waves” of her signature!

Changing yourself often includes changing your situation and the influences on your life. If your social network brings you down or anyone makes you feel bad about yourself or drains your energy, it’s hard to feel good – or prosperous. Work at removing any social or personal influences that depress your energy or make you feel bad.

7. Beautify your home.
While it’s fun to concentrate on activating your home with feng shui symbols, the simple act of cleaning and clearing out your home allows fresh energy to enter and flow throughout your home. When your home’s energy changes – the energy of your life changes, including your prosperity. I’ve been to the homes of many very wealthy people and they are kept very clean. This simple act of regular cleaning makes a difference in your life and has a cumulative effect on your prosperity.

Another important element of feng shui and wealth is to reinvest in your home. Keep it attractive and up to date. Reinvigorate it occasionally with new fixtures, a fresh coat of paint and new landscaping. Keeping your home in good repair will go a long way toward helping you build a stable financial footing. When your furnishings are tired, get some new upholstery or purchase a new item. Your house is the foundation of your feng shui. What goes into your house will return to you in the form of other opportunities.

8. Symbolize wealth.
Find wealth symbols and enhancers that are meaningful to you. One very wealthy friend named her home “Abundance.” Another friend now signs all her emails “In Richness.” Both are ways to associate yourself with wealth. Try doing things that wealthy people do. Go test drive that car that you’ve dreamed about for so long.
Put symbols and reminders where you can see them regularly and where they are meaningful to you. Wealth is associated with the southeast and small wood is the element associated with the southeast. Bring beautiful flowers into the house and place them in the southeast corner of the house or living room to energize the wealth sector.