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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Feel Happy Now with Michael Neill's "Happy Formula"

As some of you know by working with the various manifesting techniques in this blog as well as from other sources, feeling good is the key to manifesting anything you want. You must be in that feel good mode in order to allow your desires to come to you. Anything less than feeling good will block that flow.

Michael Neill, author of the book, You Can Have What You Want and host of a radio talk show by the same name, shares what he calls his "Happy Formula".

According to Michael, there are three steps in this formula:

1. Give yourself better feelings.

He says few people spend time each day deliberately feeling good. Giving yourself better feelings makes happiness easier.

2. Tell yourself better stories.

This step is about how you feel about yourself and how your life is going, regardless of what is happening in your life. If you tell yourself stories that things have always been bad and it's all your fault, you get to feel bad. If you tell yourself stories that talk about what's going on is temporary, that this is not you, that it's just what's happening right now. "Depending on which kind of story you tell yourself, you can create more heaven or you can create more hell.

3. Moral happiness--this is the meaning we create in our lives.

This is acting on your inner knowing, that still, small voice within. He says the more you act on that inner knowing the easier life gets.

Listen to Michael Neill's excellent radio show on this topic called, "The Happy Formula" . I know this information will assist you with everything you are manifesting.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Making "Seed Time" Each Day

Summer McStravick, author of the book, Flowdreaming and producer of Hayhouse Radio and host of the Flowdreaming radio show, recently had an interesting suggestion. She said take about 30 minutes each day to sit with a pen and notebook and just write down what you want in life. The busier you are the more you need to do this each day, she says. Summer calls this "idea time" or "seed time".

Think about what you want to create or manifest. Make a list of affirmations in harmony with what you want. Bring this into your flow when you flowdream--a powerful way to manifest what you want.